Scorpion™ Family

Modular Power, Signal Connectors

This product is available from Milexia France, Milexia Iberica and Milexia Italia

Scorpion brings a unique approach to modular connector design that is only available from Milexia partners Positronic.

Scorpion provides the flexibility to configure the connector to meet your specifications.

The difference is how Positronic builds the final connector, using innovative tooling and injection molding process. The result is a one-piece insulator with machined contacts,
ready to perform.

  • The most versatile power/signal connector on the planet
  • Rated up to 100 amperes per contact plus ability to add signal contacts and a variety of accessories
  • Blank modules for greater creepage and clearance to suit higher voltage needs
  • Unique locking/guide systems for blind mating, float mount, and cable connector options

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