Our mission

Milexia is a values-driven organisation, which means that we take our CSR seriously and ensure that responsible governance, good relationships with our community and an ethical approach are central to our business.

We strive in all our activities to ensure the best outcomes, not only for our customers and Partners, but also for our wider community of stakeholders.

We recognise the importance of our relationships with customers, Partners, suppliers and employees, committing to dealing with them ethically, respectfully and fairly.

We also endeavour to ensure that these values extend to our communities as a whole, ensuring that they are integrated in all our dealings with them.

Creating value

Positive and supportive working environment

Striving to improve

Generating trust and fairness

Environmental impact

Supporting our community

We integrate sustainability into as many of our processes and actions as possible

We also recognise the impact of our activities on the environment, and understand that we have a responsibility to ensure that wherever possible we act in a sensitive way, minimising our carbon footprint and reducing the burden that our activities placed on the environment.

To this end we integrate sustainability into as many of our processes and actions as possible, continuously questioning ourselves and reflecting this in our behaviours, for example by purchasing eco-friendly office products.

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