Milexia, the distributor specialised in the railway and industrial market that assists you in the definition, realisation and monitoring of your projects.

Strong expertise in the rail sector

Our presence in the railway market has allowed us to develop a strong expertise in the rail sector.

Milexia is also a certified supplier and certified distributor for all railway operators in France.

Partnerships with the best manufacturers

Our partnership policy joins us with the best manufacturers and suppliers on the market which allows us to provide you with the most reliable, efficient and suitable solutions.

Milexia offers a wide range of personalised services such as: sourcing, research and management of obsolete products, central purchasing, assembly, kitting, stocking, delivery schedule, etc.

Quality, reliability and regulatory compliance

Milexia stands out for its expertise in the design, development and manufacture of electronic systems and embedded software specifically dedicated to the railway sector.

Its commitment to quality, reliability and regulatory compliance makes it a trusted partner for the most demanding rail projects.

Technical Support and Maintenance Services

Milexia provides comprehensive technical support and maintenance services for its railway products and solutions.

Its team of technical experts is available to provide remote or on-site assistance, carry out software updates, and perform preventive and corrective equipment maintenance.

Our mission:
connect our suppliers and customers.

Contribute to the development of our customers by achieving a high level of technical and economic competitiveness in the markets of rail transport, industry, telecommunications, and energy control and regulation.

Bring the product lines of the most efficient manufacturers and services and solutions to meet the most severe environments.

Why do you need Milexia?

  • An undisputed player in the railway market
  • Partner of leading suppliers
  • Help you identify the best solution at the best price
  • Offers you a multitude of tailor-made services

Racks and Enclosures

Our comprehensive range of railway-certified standard electronic cabinets demonstrates the resilience and safe operation of railway systems every day on board and on high-speed railways and metros.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) products include optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks and push-buttons, force sensing resistors, potentiometers, integrated mouse modules and pointing solutions.

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Rack, Cabinet, Subrack, Chassis and accessories such as board retention & Extractors.

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Product spotlight Outdoor Modular NVENT Cabinet With Single Door

The NVENT modular outdoor cabinet offers a robust and versatile solution to your outdoor storage needs. Featuring a double door and an integrated ventilation system, this cabinet combines functionality and durability to effectively protect your equipment.

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    Our Supply Partners

    Milexia has excellent relationships with leading technology suppliers. You get unrivalled help in sourcing your equipment and systems, plus value-added services like engineering design and maintenance.

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