Making access to technology easier

With Milexia, you will find the products you are seeking thanks to our many years of experience and innovative design skills in a wide range of technologies.

Our long list of leading Partners coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of your industry ensures that your product and performance needs will be met. Our ability to source your requirements means you will have access to the finest products at the best value, backed by our innovative design skills and excellent support.

Our service runs from initial contact through to final delivery – and beyond. With Milexia, you have access to a global network of Partners and suppliers. We have an online product library, allowing you to browse an extensive range of accessible products. If you have any technical queries, you can contact us directly to find out more.

More than a product, we offer a global solution!

We offer a tailor-made service from preliminary promotion and technical due diligence to after sales service.

We include demonstration, local presence and support, installation and training, preventive maintenance, software updates, quick 24-7 on site service and development of applications for remote monitoring.

Our mission

To be referenced in our territory as an economical authorised distributor for components, sub-systems and instrumentation. We want to share that knowledge and experience for your benefit.

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Strong, safe and efficient with the excellence in specialised distribution

Our certifications highlight our open approach and commitment to continuous improvement.

We periodically review our internal processes and define specific actions to grow in traceability of information, privacy and data security management.

This is needed to operate in high end markets such as defence and aerospace.

We are a strong, safe and efficient organisation with an excellence in specialised distribution

  • ISO9001:2015
  • TRACE International

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    Strength in supply

    Milexia has excellent relationships with leading technology suppliers. You get unrivalled help in sourcing your equipment and systems, plus value-added services like engineering design and maintenance.

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