S Neox

non-contact 3D optical profilometer Sensofar S NEOX

This product is available from Milexia France

The new fifth generation non-contact 3D optical profilometer SENSOFAR S NEOX provides unparalleled speed of image production and analysis results.

Powerful calculation algorithms, a new extremely sensitive camera and impressive image acquisition speed (180 fps) make the S NEOX the most advanced solution for quality control and R&D laboratories.

The software for processing the results offers a range of specific and complete solutions for the vast majority of sectors of activity (Aerospace and Automotive, Energy, Forensics, Microelectronics, Medical, Microfabrication, Tooling, Optics, Watchmaking, etc.)

The S NEOX is the only non-contact 3D optical profilometer on the market to incorporate three complementary techniques as standard: Confocal, Interferometry (PSI and CSI), Focus Variation with active illumination. The S NEOX thus meets all the needs of laboratories.

  • Analysis software: SensoMAP, SensoPRO, SensoMATCH, SensoCOMP
  • PC Microsoft Windows 10 64 bits

Features and variations

  • Techniques de mesure : Confocal, PSI, ePSI, CSI, Ai Focus Variation, Thin Film
  • Modes d’observation : Brightfield, DIC, Sequential Color RGB, Confocal, Interferential Phase Contrast
  • Caméra : 5Mpixels, 2442x2048 pixels (60 fps)
  • Gamme de grandissements : x60 à x21600 (Ecran 27 pouces)
  • Résolution d’affichage : 0,001 nm
  • Zone observée : de 0,0018 mm à 6,7mm
  • Excursion en Z : 40mm, résolution 5nm (mouvement linéaire)
  • Excursion fine en Z : 200µm, résolution 0,5nm (mouvement piézo)
  • Platine X Y : de 50mm x50mm à 300mm x 300mm
  • Source lumineuse : LED Rouge (630nm), LED Verte (530nm), LED Bleue (460nm), LED Blanche (575nm)

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