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Frequency Upconverters

Novella SatComs frequency upconverters are based on a VHF (70 or 140MHz) to L-band module built on a single PCB.

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Novella SatComs frequency upconverters are based on a VHF (70 or 140MHz) to L-band module built on a single PCB.

The latest frequency synthesis techniques and surface mount components are used to achieve wide coverage, frequency agility, very low phase noise and level of spurii.

These modules may be packaged on their own, as L-Band upconverters, or together with L-band to SHF block upconverters (BUCs) as C, X, Ku or DBS-band upconverters.

L-band coverage of this card may be 950 to 1,450MHz, 950 to 1,750MHz or 950 – 2,150MHz. The standard card is used for standard L, C, X, Ku or DBS-band upconverters. The extended coverage card may be used in conjunction with extended coverage BUCs, or with more than one standard BUC in multi-band C, Ku and DBS-band upconverters, or as a test loop translator.

S-band upconverters may also be supplied, with output coverage within the aproximate range of 2GHz to 2.8GHz. These converters are based on variants of the L-band upconverter card.

The L-band card is capable of being pre-configured for 70 or 140MHz IF. In addition it may be preset for spectrum preservation or spectrum inversion (from L-band to IF). The spectrum inversion configuration is used in conjunction with spectrum invert block upconverters. In this way spectrum is preserved overall between 70/140MHz and SHF. If required the spectrum inversion facility may be selectable via front panel menus, or through the remote interface.

All upconverters are fitted as standard with an RS485/422 or RS232 remote interface, selectable from front panel menus. The various available serial communication protocols offer 100% compatibility with most industry standard and/or other manufacturers’ protocols.

Novella also manufactures a variety of X-band upconverters for use with military satellites. Inputs may be at VHF, 70 or 140MHz, or UHF, 750 ± 250MHz. Output is 7.9GHz to 8.4GHz. Some models have dual input, at VHF and UHF. These upconverters may be supplied with internal or external Block Upconverters, and in ruggedised military type of enclosures, certified to all required defense standards for EMC (Mil. Std. 461) and shock and vibration (Mil. Std. 810). Applications include fixed and tactical ground stations.

Novella manufactures a range of X and Ku-band upconverters with dual VHF and UHF input, respectively 70 ± 20MHz and 750 ± 250MHz, as well as the equivalent L-band downconverters, to be matched to external X or Ku-band block upconverters. These downconverters may be packaged in standard 1U 19″ chassis, or in ruggedised “squadie proof” military type aluminium boxes.

Novella also manufactures a range of ultra flexible L, C, Ku or DBS-band upconverters which may be configured, through front panel menus, for outputs of 70 ± 20MHz, 140 ± 20MHz or 140 ± 40MHz.

In addition Novella manufactures multi-band frequency upconverters with all combinations of C, X, Ku or DBS-band uplink segments.

Novella’s frequency converters are commonly packaged in 1U 19″ standard rack mounted chassis, but they may be also packaged in ruggedised aluminium IP67 boxes for field deployable earth stations.


Features and variations

  • L-Band U351
  • L-Band U371
  • S-Band U492
  • S-Band U497
  • C-Band U555
  • X-Band U671
  • Ku-Band U750
  • DBS-Band U881
  • Ka-Band U2588

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