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Fixed, Transportable, Flyaway

The  leading supplier of satellite ground station equipment for fixed, transportable and flyaway applications. Milexia specialise in delivering complete systems, involving a wide range of technologies, whereby satellite communications is just one element.

Satellite Communications product groups

Antenna Control Units

Advanced antenna control systems that meets the requirements of retrofits as well as new installations.


Reflector & Feed Electrical Anti-Icing Systems

BUCs and LNBs

BUC models available in C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band with a full range of output power levels.

CPI VSAT Antennas

A wide range of high quality, cost-effective VSAT products including fixed terminals, transportable and commercial grade antennas.

DNSG Broadcast

A range of vehicle mounted terminals both on the move and on the pause.


Automatic, Manual, Passive/Static NETCOM Dehydrators to keep waveguide and coax systems dry.

Fixed Antenna and Tracking Systems

Robust and accurate solution for small antenna positioning and inclined orbit tracking


IoT solutions from Milexia partner hiSky – quick easy connectivity, even in the most remote locations on land, at sea or in the air.

Manpack Terminals

Milexia can offer a range of ultra portable and powerful Manpack terminals with built-in IP modems and Manual Pointing Aid Device (MPAD)

Outdoor/Ruggedised IP Modems

Standard satellite routers enable operation in harsh, dusty and wet environments.

Quick Deploy Antenna

A range of quickly deploy antennas that allow high quality performance at a price that suits all budgets.

RF over Fibre

Innovative and cost effective RF and optical links and repeaters for a wide range of applications

Satellite Modems

Satellite modems providing industry-leading performance and flexibility.

Tactical Satellite terminals

Tactical Terminal solutions for Government, defence and NGO’s worldwide

Tracking Receivers

Tracking receivers designed to track and measure pilots or beacons of all known commercial and military satellites.

Up/Down Converters

Frequency Upconverters and Downconverters are based on an L-band to VHF (70 or 140MHz) module built on a single PCB.

Uplink Flyaway Terminals

Full range of robust, simple to use IATA compliant uplink flyaway terminals in manual or Auto-point configuration.

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