Scorpion Manpack Terminals

The Scorpion manpack terminal has been designed to provide the ultimate in reliable, secure and mobile communication. Supplied in X, Ku or Ka-Band.

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The Scorpion manpack terminal is a fully featured IP manpack designed to provide the ultimate in reliable, secure, and mobile communications. It’s supplied in X, Ku or Ka-Band and with reflector sizes from 60cm to 1.0M. All the frequency and size options can still be packed away in a single carry case with all the equipment required to uplink including pointing aid, cables and power supply.

The latest in manufacturing methods and material selection has allowed the Scorpion to provide the ultimate in manpack terminals. The Elevation head is completely captive and houses all the RF components which have been specified to operate in extreme temperature and weather conditions. The whole unit is IP65 rated, all the RF connections and control are completely sealed – so no dangling wires or connections to be made.

The base unit contains the tripod, which has cantilevered gas struts legs that raise the base of the units 120mm off the ground mitigating the ground effect heating and allows the Scorpion to be used in a muddy puddle. The Scorpion manpack can be powered from either AC mains (110-240 VAC) or direct from a DC source, we also have a battery pack option for our lower power terminals. The Scorpion has approvals with several major commercial and military satellite operators including SES, GOVSAT and AIRBUS for use on SKYNET6.

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