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H-Plus ODU Heights ™ Remote Gateway

A dual-purpose modem. The H-Plus can be used as a Point-to-Point SCPC modem or can be purposed as a mid-tier Heights Remote Gateway.

H-Plus Heights™ Remote Gateway

A dual-purpose modem that can be used as a Point-to-Point SCPC modem or as a mid-tier Heights Remote Gateway.

H8 & H16 Heights™ Remote Gateways

Remote Gateway – Low to Medium Throughput, for Dynamic SCPC mode of operation, upgradable to H-DNA

H-Pico Heights™ Remote Gateway

Supports multiple remote to hub throughput tiers up to 10 Mbps, which is managed via a centralized licensing capability.

Heights™ Hubs

Networking Platform from ComTech is engineered to elevate your services with unparalleled horsepower, efficiency and intelligence.

MDM3310 Satellite Modem

Supports a wide range of fixed IP services, including Internet/ intranet access, VoIP, enterprise connectivity, maritime and multicasting services.

iQ 200 Satellite Modem

The iQ 200 Rackmount combines high-performance iQ series features with mobility and can reach throughputs over 300 Mbps when being used in L2oS mode.

MDM2510 IP Satellite Modem

A compact, low power consumption modem

MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway

DVB-S2X multi-carrier satellite gateway

SLM-5650A Satellite Modem

Comtech EF Data’s SLM-5650A Satellite Modem is compliant with the strict requirements defined in MIL-STD-188-165A.

CDM760 Advanced High Speed Trunk

The CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem builds on Comtech EF Data’s award-winning family of high-speed, ultra efficient trunking modems.

CDM-570A Satellite Modem

Next generation satellite modems providing industry-leading performance and flexibility.

CDM 625A-EN Advanced Satellite Modem

The CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem builds on Comtech EF Data’s legacy of providing the most efficient satellite modems.

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