AFT Microwave – Drop in isolator / circulator

microwave ferrite materials, covering a broad range of operating frequencies


Lightning Protection for CPI 1.8, 2.4 and 3.8 meter Antenna

Milexia – SemSurge

Protection Unit

Earth Station Radome

AFC Radomes’ are a weatherproof geodesic prefabricated building structure that protects radar and antenna systems from extreme weather: wind, blowing sand, snow, ice, rain, ultra violet sunlight, temperature, fungus and corrosion.

Link Microtek RF Microwave Design

Globes partners Link Microtek design and build our own products or develop components and systems to client specifications.

TRUMPF Hüttinger Microwave Portfolio

Innovative solutions for microwave applications

BHE 1:2 Q-Band LNA system

The BJES10 Q-band Redundant LNA system

Micro Lambda – Tunable Low Noise Oscillator Solutions

700 MHz to 40 GHz

Micro Lambda Wireless – “Ultra Notch” Band Reject Filters

350 MHz to 20 GHz

Micro Lambda – Bandpass Filters

500 MHz – 50 GHz

Micro Lambda Wireless – Frequency Synthesizers

0.050 GHz – 32 GHz

Micro Lambda Wireless – Electromagnetic YIG Oscillators

700 MHz – 40 GHz

Narda-Miteq Broadband Couplers and Power Dividers

Familiar light-blue Narda-Miteq brand delivers new benefits in complementary product family.

Narda-MITEQ Medium Power Amplifiers (MPAS)

Featuring 1 Watt Output over Multi-Octave Bandwidth, Integrated Protection and On/Off Capability, Combined with Low Noise Figure.

Boonton NGX1000

RF Noise Generators

Boonton SGX1000 Series

RF Signal Generators

Holzworth HA7062C

Phase Noise Analyzer

Holzworth HS9000 Series

The HS9000 Series is a unique platform allowing the user to specify custom configurations for a COTS product.

BHE – Q-Band Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

Q-band LNA, intended for use in modern solid state communication equipment

CPI – C-Band Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

LC-4000 Series has been specially designed for satellite earth station receiver front ends and other telecommunications applications

ST Engineering  iDirect IoT

Compact, lightweight IoT terminals that feature a tightly integrated satellite modem and flat-panel antenna design in Ku- and Ka-band variants.

Terrasat – LNB Redundant system

C, X, Ku and Ka-Band

RevGo 200W/250W GaN BUC

Ku-Band 200W/250W Block Up-Converter (BUC)

RevGo – Ka-Band Mini LNB

Single/Dual Ka-Band LNB


Ka-Band Satcoms-on-move (SOTM) Antenna System

Low profile design (waveguide array)
Tuneless architecture
Wide-band performance (19.2-21.2 GHz and 29-31 GHz)

VPT – VXR100-2800S DC-DC Converter

The VXR100-2800S is optimized for a broad range of applications from military ground vehicles to commercial and military aircraft and is intended for harsh environments including severe vibration, shock and temperature cycling.

VPT – DVSA2800S DC-DC Converter

With the lowest output ripple of converters in this size and power class, plus 20% more power delivered in a standard package, the DVSA Series is a smart choice for any demanding application.

VPT – VSC5-2800S DC-DC Converter

The VSC5-2800S Series is a commercial off the shelf DC-DC converter designed for the ‘NewSpace’ market.

TSL ESCHA – WM87 Sounders

Flat design sounder to mount in the door leaf, the door frame, the door cove or the vehicle wall in rail vehicles.

TSL ESCHA – Signal Lights

The SL Series and TL Series signal lights are often used to signal the door status in buses or trains. Passengers thus know when the door will open or close.

TSL-ESCHA – HST Hand Rail Buttons

HST Series hand rail button are particularly durable thanks to their robust housing and compact construction type. Underlying inscriptions and pictographs are protected by scratch-resistant, transparent polyamide.


The PK52 push button of TSL stands out within the Presskey family in terms of its external features: an extremely large touch surface, very good lateral recognition of the status display and an acoustic orientation signal.

Tallysman – TW3900P Passive Triple-Band GNSS Antenna + L-Band

The TW3900P is a precision-tuned triple-band Accutenna® technology antenna providing GPS/QZSS-L1/L2/L5, GLONASS-G1/G2/G3, Galileo-E1/E5a/E5b, BeiDou-B1/B2a/B2b, NavIC-L5, and is especially designed for precision triple-frequency positioning.

Tallysman – TW7875 Dual Band GNSS Antenna

The TW7875 employs Tallysman’s unique Accutenna® technology, covering GPS/QZSS L1/L5, GLONASS G1, Galileo E1/E5a, BeiDou B1/B2a, NavIC L5, as well as SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS).

Tallysman – TW163 1-to-2 Port Smart Power GNSS Signal Splitter

The Tallysman TW163 is a professional-grade full GNSS band signal splitter that connects one antenna to two receivers, and supports GPS/QZSS-L1/L2/L5, QZSS-L6, GLONASS-G1/G2/G3, BeiDou-B1/B2/B2a/B3, Galileo-E1/E5a/E5b/E6, NavIC-L5, and L-band correction services.

Tallysman – VSP6037L-MAR

The light and compact patent-pending VeroStar™ VSP6037L-MAR antenna is designed for high-accuracy positioning while being robust and reliable.

Tallysman – VSP6037L

The patent-pending VSP6037L antenna employs Tallysman’s unique VeroStar™ technology, providing high gain over the full GNSS spectrum: GPS/QZSS-L1/L2/L5, QZSS-L6, GLONASS-G1/G2/G3, Galileo-E1/E5a/E5b/E6, BeiDou-B1/B2/B2a/B3, and NavIC-L5, including the satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) available in the region of operation [WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), or GAGAN (India)], as well as L-band correction services.

Tallysman – TW5390

The TW5390 is a multi-band (L1/L2), multi-constellation integrated GNSS receiver/antenna with Inertial Measurement Unit (Untethered Dead Reckoning) and integrated L-Band corrections receiver for stand-alone RTK for Precise Point Positioning

Tallysman – TW3887

The TW3887 employs Tallysman’s unique Accutenna technology providing dual band GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/G2/G3 + BeiDou B1/B2 + Galileo E1/E5b coverage and is especially designed for precision dual frequency positioning.

Tallysman – TW3972

The TW3972 is a precision-tuned triple-band Accutenna® technology antenna providing triple-band GPS/QZSS-L1/L2/L5, GLONASS G1/G2/G3, Galileo-E1/E5a/E5b, BeiDouB1/B2/B2a, NavIC-L5, including the satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) available in the region of operation [WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), or GAGAN (India)], plus L-band correction services coverage, and is especially designed for precision triple-frequency positioning.

RevGO – LNB Redundant System

Ku-Band 1:1 switching system

Smith Interconnect – Thermopad

Thermopad® products are a totally passive, easy to implement solution for gain compensation designed specifically for demanding high reliability applications.

Septentrio – PolaRx5

PolaRx5 is a versatile and robust multi-frequency GNSS reference receiver. The unique design of its tracking provides measurements with the lowest noise on the market while constantly monitoring and protecting against interference, multipath and other environmental effects. 

Septentrio – AsteRx SB3 Pro+

AsteRx SB3 Pro is a multi-frequency GNSS receiver delivering centimeter-level RTK positioning in a rugged IP68 enclosure. Built to operate in the toughest environments, this receiver features the latest algorithms for extensive signal tracking even under heavy vibrations or shocks.

Septentrio – AsteRx-i3 D Pro+

AsteRx-i3 D Pro+ delivers reliable centimeter level positioning combined with 3D orientation in demanding environments. Its onboard inertial sensor provides orientation and positional dead reckoning, making it ideal for systems that require continuous positioning even during short GNSS outages. AsteRx-i3 D Pro+ is the most flexible GNSS/INS solution offering full access to raw GNSS and […]

Septentrio – Mosaic-H

With dual-antenna input, mosaic-H™ provides precise and reliable heading combined with centimeter-level RTK positioning. Dual antenna heading capabilities in such a small form factor opens the door to advanced automation and navigation performance in both static and dynamic states, with reduced power consumption.

Septentrio – PolaNt* MC.v2

The PolaNt* MC.v2 is a lightweight, sturdy high precision geodetic multi-frequency multi-constellation antenna for use in physically demanding applications. PolaNt* MCv.2 is compatible with the PolaRx/AsteRx family of high performance multiple-frequency GNSS receivers. This high-gain antenna incorporates a low-noise amplifier, and is built into a rugged and environmentally sealed housing with aluminum bottom plate.

Septentrio – Altus NR3

The Altus NR3 combines easy-to-use, multi-frequency, quad-constellation RTK with an unrivalled communications toolset for a successful survey or GIS project every time. It incorporates leading GNSS and wireless technology into a sleek and compact design.

Septentrio – AsteRx-i3 S Pro+

AsteRx-i3 S Pro+ delivers reliable centimeter level positioning combined with 3D orientation in demanding environments.

Septentrio – Mosaic-X5

Septentrio mosaic-X5, a multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver in a low power surface mount module with a wide array of interfaces, designed for mass market applications like robotics and autonomous systems, capable of tracking all Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations supporting current and future signals.

Quanergy – MQ-8-QortexDTC

The MQ-8/QORTEX DTC Solution is an integrated hardware and software platform that combines Quanergy’s MQ-8 LiDAR sensor with QORTEX DTC (Detect, Track, Classify) perception software for reliable, real-time people and vehicle tracking in security, smart city, and smart space applications.

Quanergy – QORTEX DTC

Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform enables reliable and real-time tracking of people and vehicles for security, smart space, and smart city applications.

Quanergy – M1™ Edge PoE LiDAR Sensor

Solution that combines smart object detection software with Quanergy’s M-Series LiDAR sensors.

Quanergy – M8™ Prime LiDAR Series

The M8-Prime Series of 3D sensors is the new standard of industry-leading LiDAR technology. The M8-Prime Series builds upon the superior 3D scanning technology and offers accuracy, reliability and ease of use for industrial applications.

Aura® Series Absolute Encoders

Aura employs a short wavelength LED for precise absolute position decoding. An incremental scale track and advanced sensor produce pure sinewave signals, enabling high resolution interpolation with run-speeds up to 83,721 rpm (with 18 mm scale). High repeatability and accuracy satisfy the most demanding applications. The small, low power consumption SMT package integrates easily into […]

Quickset – CLT-1000 & CLT-1000R

The CLT-1000 & CLT-1000R digital interface tabletop controllers (previously known as Unicom®) are designed to access and control all functions of our line of Pan and Tilt positioners including some sensor payloads.

Quickset – MPT-50

Positioner products that leverages the strength and reliability offering new advantages to mission critical applications.

Quickset – Rugged Security Camera Poles – P1600-1800

The P1600 and P1800 represent the industry standard in camera poles. They are rugged, corrosion resistant, and designed to meet common requirements for aesthetics.

Quickset – Gibraltar Tripod

Functional, durable and fully reliable for industrial and military support systems.

Quickset – Taurus-R Positioner

The Taurus-R pan-tilt positioner is engineered to properly handle co-located radars with EO/IR and other sensors.

Quickset – Mercury Medium Range Camera System

Quickset’s Mercury camera system is the perfect solution for capturing video at medium ranges. The system is a purpose built package with a mid wave infrared (MWIR) sensor using a continuous zoom 550 mm optic, a 785 mm optic and a 500mm continuous zoom near infrared (NIR) sensitive day/night camera

nVent – 41-5 Wedge-Lok

The Series 41-5 features a narrow profile ideal for densely populated enclosures, and is light weight making it ideal for aerospace.

nVent – 340 Wedge-Tainer

Hybrid design (channel and Card Lok combined) for PCB retention and thermal transfer in cold wall or sheet metal applications. Ideal for applications where a Card Lok cannot be mounted to the PCB, or where a machined cold wall slot is not available or not desired to reduce costs.

Nvent – 263HC High Clamp Force Card-Lok

The Series 263HC Card Lok also features a lighter weight, narrow profile ideal for retaining PCBs that are densely populated within the enclosure. The shafted design provides more uniform clamping force over the length of the Card Lok, while maintaining wedge and body alignment for easier installation.

Atos – Outdoor Enclosure

27U or 33U

Atos – Suspended Bays

For on-board marine or land applications

Atos – Marine Subrack

Reinforced design for vibration- and shock-stressed environments.


Atos – Bay

Sensitive networks and servers (AINSI recommendation)

Nvent – 260HTS High Thermal Sawtooth Card-Lok

Sawtooth profile design that provides superior thermal dissipation and protection in high shock and vibration applications.

nVent – Small Form Factor and Rugged Cases

BIG PROTECTION FOR SMALL FORM FACTOR ELECTRONICS. nVent SCHROFF will provide you the optimal enclosure solution: a variety of small form factor and rugged solutions to connect and protect your electronics.


Panel Plugs

GPS Source – GPS 8.75″ Antenna Hood (GPSRHL18)

Complete end-to-end testing of GPS systems should include the application’s receiving antenna. At a fraction of the cost of a full-blown screen room or anechoic chamber, the GPS Source Antenna Hood (GPSRH) will supply your application’s receive antenna with the necessary GPS signals. Operating in conjunction with an outdoor active antenna and a coaxial cable, […]

GPS Source – GNSS Active Antenna (GNSS-3A)

Designed to future proof your investment, the portable, yet precise GNSS antenna will receive GPS, GLONASS and future Galileo signal. The ruggedized antenna, engineered with weather resistant materials, protects the antenna from UV, rain and lightning strikes, chemical and jet fuels – making it an ideal investment for long term use.

GPS Source – E-FLO-M

E-FLO-M provides a single platform for distribution of PNT data with port independence. Each PNT device that is plugged into the ED3 has full control over the port from the ED3, as if the device has its own DAGR.

Microchip – GridTime 3000

The GridTime™ 3000 GNSS time server is a software-enabled solution that provides enhanced levels of redundant, secure and resilient timing for power utility substations. It generates precise time and frequency signals to synchronize analog and digital communication systems within the substation.

MEKRAtronics – Mirror for buses and trucks

MEKRA Lang offers proprietary mirror, mirror replacement and/or camera monitor systems which have been tried and tested for years.

MEKRAtronics – Radar System

Radar systems, in addition to mirror and camera solutions, can monitor other areas around the machine. Optical and/or acoustic signals from the display warn the machine operator about objects or people in the travel path or danger zones. Combined with a camera system, the operator can monitor the situation with just one glance at the monitor.

MEKRAtronics – Camera Monitor System

MEKRAtronic’s camera is based on a high-quality, modular development platform. This allows for customized camera solutions that can be adapted to the respective vehicle type in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

MEKRAtronics – Mirror Vision System

A completely new HDR camera monitor system suitable for automotive applications improves the cost effectiveness of vehicles. Optimized aerodynamics result in significant reductions in fuel consumption and improved fuel efficiency.

Maretron – Micro Bulk Cables

Micro bulk cable is primarily used as drop cable, but it can also be used at the trunk line depending on network power requirements for vessels.

Maretron – CLMD12 12-Channel DC Load Controller Module

Designed for vessels of all sizes with smaller loads, the MPower® CLMD12 is a compact 12-Channel DC Load Controller Module.

Maretron – Ultrasonic Wind and Weather Station – WSO200

Marine grade ultrasonic weather station that accurately measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, wind chill factor, heat index, and dew points.

Maretron – Tank Level Monitor – TLM100

The TLM100 is used to sense fluid levels of tanks by using ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic sound waves are transmitted via the TLM100 mounted at the top of the tank and the flight times of the sound waves to and from the fluid are measured much like a depth sensor.

Litemax – Mini-ITX Embedded Boards – AMIX-CML0

AMIX-CML0, the latest addition to its family of Mini-ITX form factor embedded boards. Based on Intel’s latest Q470E and H420E chipsets, the board is designed to accommodate 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (codename Comet Lake-S) in LGA 1200 package with a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of up to 65W.

Litemax – Digital Signage Display 8500-I

The DLD8500-I is 85 inch industrial grade sunlight readable LCD, with high brightness 2000 nits and high color saturation, it produce sharp images, crisp text and lifelike colors.

Litemax – Public Information Display. 5745-B

The SSD5745-B is a 57.4 inch color TFT-LCD display with special aspect ratio 16:3.4 and wide resolution 3840×810. It is Litemax’s Spanpixel series product which designed for high brightness 1000 nits with power efficiency LED backlight.

Litemax – Rugged Panel PCs & Monitors. IPPS-2118-SKL2/KBL5

IPPS-2118-SKL2/ KBL5-WP is 21.5” rugged panel computers are designed to increase reliability and readability under the impact of all elements, like snow, water, dust, heat, cold, and sun.

SignalCore – nanoSynth SMT Synthesizers

SignalCore continues to enlarge its nanoCircuits® platform with the introduction of 3 new synthesizers as part of the SMT nanoSynth® family. The SC801A and SC802A, part of our Hummingbird series, are fully integrated broadband CW signal synthesizers that tune at 1 Hz resolution between the range of 0.625 GHz to 10 GHz and 1.25 GHz to 20 GHz respectively.

SignalCore – 26.5 GHz RF Downconverters

The SC5318A is a C to K broadband single-stage downconverter, converting frequencies from 6 GHz to 26.5 GHz down to 50 MHz to 3 GHz. The LO frequency range is from 6 to 26.5 GHz with an input LO range from 6 to 14 GHz.

SignalCore – 6 GHz Direct IQ Modulators

The SC5412A and SC5413A are 400 MHz to 6 GHz direct IQ modulators upconverting analog In-phase and Quadrature IF or IQ baseband directly to RF. Each module can also be operated as a single stage upconverter.

SignalCore – RF Signal Generators (Signal Sources)

SignalCore signal generators are designed to meet demanding RF and microwave applications in military, commercial, and academic markets. These broadband CW signal sources offer low phase noise performance, fast frequency locking, fine resolution tuning, and exact frequency synthesis

Kratos – Solid State Power Amplifers (SSPAs)

The Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) product line was designed with GaN technology, for use in the most demanding applications, including Airborne, Missile, Radars and Communications.

Knowles – Directional Couplers

High frequency directional couplers incorporating Knowles DLI brand’s high permittivity ceramic materials. Devices provide small size and minimal performance variation over temperature.  Well matched for monitoring incident and reflected power.

Knowles – Precision Devices High Q MLC capacitors

Devices based on a wide variety of High Q dielectrics including ultra-low ESR, high temperature, high power, ultra-stable and leaded options.

Knowles – Trimmer capacitors

Precision trimmer capacitors

Knowles – Thin Film Filters

Wide range of filters, from 300 MHz to 75 GHz in Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass and Bandstop configurations.

Emcore – KVH Industries – TACNAV 3D

The FOG-based TACNAV® 3D tactical inertial navigation system provides an assured position, navigation, and timing system with an embedded GNSS and optional Chip-scale Atomic Clock (CSAC).

Emcore – KVH Industries – GEO-FOG 3D Dual Inertial Navigation System (INS) (Non-ITAR)

Fiber optic gyro (FOG)-based P-1750 inertial measurement unit (IMU) is the core processor of the robust GEO-FOG 3D Dual INS.

Emcore – KVH Industries – DSP-1760 Fiber Optic Gyro

The navigation-grade DSP-1760 FOG includes EMCORE’s breakthrough photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology for improved reliability and repeatability. This gyro offers versatility with 1,2 or 3 axes of the world’s smallest precision FOGs. The DSP-1760 is ideal for commercial applications, including stabilization for land, sea and aerial systems, and navigation of autonomous systems.

Emcore – KVH Industries – TAC-450-360 IMU

The new TAC-450-360 inertial measurement unit (IMU) is one of the premier IMUs offered by EMCORE. Designed to deliver the highest level of performance, the non-ITAR TAC-450-360 IMU includes our exclusive photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology.

SHS Antenna Anti-Ice Systems

There are numerous benefits for using an SHS system Vs a conventional Hot Air system

Mini-Ciurcuits – RF Switch Matrices

Blocking, Non-Blocking, Full Fan-Out

Comtech HPOD – High Power

100W to 500W in C and Ku-Band. Comtech EF Data’s (CEFD) series of High-Power Outdoor (HPOD) C-, X-, and Ku-Band Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) provide a cost-effective option to TWT amplifiers in satellite communications terminals.

Mini-Circuits – Instrumentation Amplifiers

4 Channel Variable Gain Amplifier & 12 Channel Amplifier System

FSG – Inclination Sensors

FSG-Inclination Sensors are characterised by high-precision measuring systems

Mini-Circuits – Programmable Attenuators

Single, Four, Eight Channel Modules & Multi-Channel Attenuation Systems

Mini-Circuits – Solid State Switch Systems

Compact Switch Modules & Rack-mount Switch Systems

FSG – Draw-Wire Encoders

FSG wire-actuated encoders are characterised above all by their modular design and flexible construction. 
This means that FSG-Rotary Encoder or commercially available encoder solutions can be easily adapted via a coupling or gearbox mount. With different design variants and measuring ranges, the FSG-Draw-Wire Encoders suitable for almost all areas of application.

Mechanical Switch Systems

USB / RC Series & ZT Series

Mini-Circuits – Modular Test Systems

Modular Test Systems

FSG – Joysticks

FSG joysticks are characterised by flexibility, versatility, durability and also the possibility of use in safety-relevant applications.
All joysticks work with non-contact inductive or magnetic measuring systems, which are designed redundantly for machine operation.

FSG – Wind Sensor

FSG-Wind Sensors are used to record and monitor wind speed and direction.

Comtech Bobcat – Medium Power BUCs

40W to 64W in X, Ku and Ka-Band BUCs designed for compact portable terminals needing high power from very small packages operating in challenging environments

Flann Microwave – Calibration and Verification Kits

A wide range of calibration and verification kits to suit many applications. Compatibility with the vast majority of current and legacy VNAs can be provided.

Flann Microwave – Combiner/Redundancy Units Series 520

The Series 520 suite offers various solutions supporting multiple High Power Amplifi er configuration and combining requirements. The entry level CRU module routes the outputs of two HPAs to an Antenna and High Power Load as in a “Hot Standby” system.

Flann Microwave – Antennas

Flann offers a wide range of antenna designs including Standard Gain Horns, Sectoral Horns and Lens Horn Antennas.

Flann Microwave – Flexible Waveguide

Flann offers a number of solutions for flexible waveguide interconnect including waveguide-coaxial-waveguide and semi rigid. Traditional flexible waveguide solutions are available on request.


MIL-DTL-38999 type connector with compact design, extended safety power range and signal contacts for data transfers & communication.


The U audio connectors with 10 contacts and with bayonet locking

Comtech Puma – High Power BUCs

120W to 400W in X, Ku and Ka-Band Designed for fixed and transportable terminals needing high power density with high efficiency in challenging environments.

IBUC 3 Terrasat – Low power

The latest evolution of the IBUC has all of the advanced features and reliability of the original IBUC in a new, more compact package available in Ku-band, 8W to 16W

IBUC 2G Terrasat – Mid power (GaN)

5W-125W Mid-Power BUC from Milexia partner Terrasat.


Bernier designed the MMC connectors specially for system in small spaces or wearable equipments.

RevGo Ku-Band Single/Dual Band LNB

Ku-Band Dual Band LNBs from RevGo


Push-Pull military connectors offering electronic integration as : USB Memory key, Authentification key, Wireless module, Crypto and Shunt module…

Ka-Band RevGo – mPower BUCs

20W Ka-Band BUCs from RevGo

Ka-Band RevGo – Mid-Power

20W Ka-Band BUCs from RevGo


Military connectors, 04, 06, 10, 14 and 22 contacts, their toughness and ergonomics are appreciated in a wide range of applications.

Ka-Band RevGo VSAT BUCs

6W, 10W Ka-Band VSAT BUCs from RevGo

Handheld – Nautiz x81

IP67 Rugged PDA

DBS-Band RevGo BUCs

20W, 40W C-Band Block Up-Converters (BUC) from Milexia partner RevGo

Ben Marine – Sensors and Hull fittings

Installed through the hull and in direct contact with the water, the electromagnetic sensor, sometimes called transducer, measures the speed through water (STW) of the ship. The sensor is held in place by a hull-fitting.

Ben Marine – SM2000

Electromagnetic speed log for underwater vehicles.

Ametek Hunter Springs – Constant torque springs

Torque spring motor is a prestressed strip of spring material which is formed into a coil and is stored on a small storage drum.

Ben Marine – LMN6

The LMN6 log is designed to withstand the severe environment of a military naval vessel. It complies with major military and maritime standards in force with Wheelmark certification in progress.

Ben Marine – CLETA

Electromagnetic speed log for merchant and cruising ships.

Ametek Hunter Springs – Constant Force Springs

Basic and most versatile constant force extension spring.

Ametek Hunter Springs – Power springs

A power spring’s natural tendency to expand imparts a moment to either the arbor or case, producing usable torque.

Altum RF – Phase Shifter – ARF2103

The ARF2103 is a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Phase Shifter. Between the RF input and output port, the RF signal can be shifted in phase over the full range of 360 ° in 63 steps of 5.625 ° per step.

Altum RF – Phase Shifter – ARF2101

The ARF2101 is a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Phase Shifter. Between the RF input and output port, the RF signal can be shifted in phase over the full range of 360 ° in 63 steps of 5.625 ° per step.

Altum RF – Switches – ARF2003

Altum RF designs and develops a broad range of high performance RF products for commercial and industrial applications, with strategic roadmaps to rapidly expand our product portfolio.

Plug Memory Series

Leveraging industry-standard serial EEPROM memory, Datakey offers Plug memory tokens with SPI, I2C or Microwire interfaces and capacities from 1 Kb to 256 Kb. The tokens feature: Foldable Stainless Steel Bail – The plug token’s stainless steel bail is used to lock the token in place. The bail also folds flat, allowing for a flush mount. […]

Memory Key Series

Leveraging industry-standard serial EEPROM and NOR flash memory, Datakey offers memory keys with SPI, I2C or Microwire interfaces and capacities from 1 Kb to 64 Mb. The keys feature: Ultra-rugged Construction – Serial Memory keys are solid over-molded using a durable composite, making them impervious to liquids and virtually crush-proof. Redundant Contacts – With contacts on both […]

Bar Memory Tokens

Leveraging industry-standard serial EEPROM memory, Datakey offers Bar tokens with SPI, I2C or Microwire interfaces and capacities from 1 Kb to 256 Kb. The tokens feature: Ultra-rugged Construction – Bar memory tokens are solid over-molded using a durable composite, making them impervious to liquids and virtually crush-proof. MIL-STD-810 Tested – Bar memory tokens have been tested to […]

Debris Plug for SlimLine Receptacles

SlimLine Receptacle Accessories

Altum RF – Low Noise Amplifiers

High performance low noise amplifiers (LNA) and driver amplifiers for commercial and industrial applications, using proven technologies GaAs or GaN

SlimLink Development Kits

The SlimLink development kits include everything needed to develop a Windows® application that can read data from and write data to a Serial Memory token using a SlimLink programmer. The development kit includes: 2 – Memory token samples 1 – SlimLink Programmer 1 – SR4210PCB board-mount receptacle 1 – SR4210 panel-mount receptacle Plus all cables, […]

Altum RF – Power Amplifiers

Altum RF designs and develops a broad range of high performance power amplifiers for commercial and industrial applications, with strategic roadmaps to rapidly expand their product portfolio.


SlimLink Programmers

It is often desired to use a PC to read data from or write data to a memory token. The SlimLink programmers support all of the Serial Memory tokens and connect to a PC via a USB or RS-232 port. The programmers come with Windows® drivers and a sample application. The sample application can be […]

SlimLine™ Receptacles

Datakey offers both board- and panel-mount receptacles. The board-mount models are available in both surface-mount and through-hole versions. Additional features include: IP65 and IP67 Ratings – Several receptacles are available in IP65- and IP67-rated versions. Versions that reduce radiated emissions are also available. High Cycle-life Contacts – All SlimLine™ receptacles are rated for a minimum of 50,000 […]

nVent – Board Retainers and Extractors

nVent SCHROFF’s Calmark and Birtcher product lines are the industry leader and have been used in the Military and Aerospace markets for over 40 years.  Quality is paramount with all products manufactured in an AS9100D compliant facility.


SlimLine™ Memory Tokens

Leveraging industry-standard serial EEPROM and NOR flash memory, Datakey offers tokens with SPI, I2C or Microwire interfaces and capacities from 1 Kb to 64 Mb. The tokens feature: Ultra-rugged Construction – SlimLine™ tokens are solid over-molded using a durable composite, making them impervious to liquids and virtually crush-proof. Redundant Contacts – With contacts on both sides of […]

nVent – System and Components

nVent has a wide selection of Open Standard Systems and Hardware Platform Management Solutions compliant with the PICMG and VITA Specifications.

Switch Guards Sealed/Dripproof

Switch Guards Sealed/Dripproof

Switch Guards – Unsealed

Unsealed Switch Guards

nVent – Cabinet Outdoor

Outdoor setups to shield electronic components from extreme weather, vandalism and thereby ensuring operational continuity.

nVent – Cabinets Indoor

Design your electronics cabinet.


NEXSYS® ARINC Signal Converter

Software-free, Firmware-free

Ametek – Machined Housings

Machined packages are used primarily when the required shape of the housing prohibits the use of traditionally tooled components.

NEXSYS LYNK – Integrated Signal Processor

Advanced illuminated pushbutton switch.

Ametek – Hermetic Circular Connectors

Hermetic circular connectors, Mil spec glass-to-metal-sealed connector types

Programmable Display Switch

Electro-Optical Display System

Lighted Pushbutton

Ruggedized, illuminated pushbutton switches & indicators

Custom Motor Control LRU’s

Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) motor controllers for demanding high reliability aerospace applications


Custom Hybrids & ASICS

Integrated hybrids and 3D multi-chip modules

1.5Gb SDRAM 8-Meg X 48-Bit X 4-Banks Memory

Rad Hard Banks Memory

Rad Hard 1 Megabit (128K x 8-Bit) EEPROM Memory

Rad Hard (128K x 8-Bit)

Rad Hard NAND Flash Memory

DC 64, 128, and 256 Gb high density NAND flash features a x16 wide bus. This NAND flash uses Single-Level Cell (SLC) NAND technology. Storing 1 bit of data per memory cell, SLC NAND offers fast read and write capabilities and boot times, excellent endurance and reliability. PDC patented RAD-PAK packaging technology incorporates radiation shielding […]

Messring – Spraymaker

Vehicle spray and rain simulation tool.

Messring – ASTERO

Active safety test robot that moves arms and legs realistically, designed for the validation of autonomous vehicle sensors and software to increase the safety of Vulnerable Road Users (VRU).

Octal Bus Transceiver with 3-State Output

3.3V ABT Octal Bus Transceiver

Single Bord Computer

Single Board Computer for Space


4 Port PoE, 2 Port SFP, 90W Per Port, IEEE 802.3bt-compliant, IP67-Rated Outdoor PoE Switch.

Messring – CPD

Child Presence Detection systems

GPS Source – RRMS116

The RRMS116 Rack-Mount Splitter is a one-input, sixteen-output GPS L1/L2 signal divider that is 2U high and fits within a standard 19” rack.

Messring – CIS

CIS Compact Impact Sled for non-destructively test vehicle components.

GPS Source – GLI Echo II 1×1 “Smart” Repeater

Next Generation Primary System LRU for GPS Retransmission Provides Wireless or Wired Signal to ALL GPS Enabled Sub-Systems Based on State of the Art Technology Developed for Permanent GPS Retransmission in the Boeing C-17 Supports Options Not Available in Any Other Repeater Outperforms Retransmission Systems Costing Several Thousand Dollars More Precisely Controlled and User Adjustable […]

GPS Source – GPSRKL1-P230/5-NF

GPS Amplifier Assembly, GPS Antennas, Cabling, Options & Accessories.


Sine Reference Oscillators


Resolver cPCI Converter Card

Combination Synchro-to-Digital and Digital-to-Synchro

Twelve-Channel VME S/D and R/D Card

VME synchro card fully independent Synchro-to-Digital or Resolver-to-Digital conversion



1/2 Size Synchro PCI Card

3.3V/5V Universal Signaling

Passive Plus Broadband Capacitors

Passive Plus (PPI) Broadband Capacitors are subjected to standard measurements (Capacitance, TCC, DWV), and extensive RF Characteristics testing.


3D Plus PROM

Non volatile memory


1.3 Megapixels Space Camera Head

Space Camera Head with embedded SWIR image sensor and High performance FPGA-based architecture.


High Hysteresis, Rotation Quadrant Sensor w/high-field detection

In Line Analog Current Sensor

Analog TMR current sensor for AC or DC measurements

Medical Magnetometer

BA010-01 sensors are GMR magnetometers specifically designed, inspected, tested, and qualified for implantable medical devices. They exhibit excellent magnetic performance including 98% linearity, a large output signal with applied magnetic fields, stable and linear temperature characteristics, and a pure ratiometric output. The sensors are provided in die form in waffle packs containing 260 parts. They […]

Magnetic switch sensors

The GMR Switch has less field sensing errors than other magnetic sensors, and magnetic field operate points are stable over voltage and temperature extremes. This enables high precision, tight-tolerance magnetic sensing assemblies. Features: Precision Magnetic Operate Point — 20 Oersteds Excellent Temperature and Voltage Performance Digital Outputs Frequency Response 0 to 250 KHz Small, Low […]

HiRel silicon diodes

General-purpose diode for high-speed switching

HiRel silicon bipolar transistors

HiRel Discrete and Microwave Semiconductor For low noise, high-gain amplifiers up to 2GHz. For linear broadband amplifiers Specified 1/f Noise Hermetically sealed microwave package fT= 8 GHz F = 2.3 dB at 2 GHz Type Variant No. 08


Talon Mini Series

Quarter-turn, a metal high-reliability circular connector for power and signal use including GbE

Front Runner Series

Size 11 and size 19 composite circular connectors


Baby King Cobra Series

Quarter-turn, economical circular connectors


Slim Power Series

Low-profile, stackable power connector

Synqor UPS Military Field-Grade 1500-1U

Military field-grade uninterruptible power supply

Synqor MilQor® Series

Military “Off-The-Shelf” DC Power Converters & Filters

VPX Military AC-DC/DC-DC Power Supplies

Designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of Military applications.

Grayhill 60AD18-4-H-060S

Optical Encoders and Hall Effect Products

Grayhill 56SD36-01-2-AJN

Rotary Switch, 5 Position, 2 Pole, 36 °, 200 mA, 115 V, 56

270V DC, 150A, 12- Channel Solid-State Power Controller

Controls, protects, and continuously monitors up to 150A to 12 independent electrical system loads.

Radiation Tolerant 3-Phase BLDC Motor Torque Controller

A high performance radiation tolerant torque loop controller

DDC – 16-Bit Resolver-to-Digital Converter

Compact and reliable, DDCs RD-19231 resolver-to-digital converters offer off-the-shelf solutions for today’s motion feedback applications.

Total-AceXtreme® MIL-STD-1553 Single Package Solution

World’s smallest, ultra low power, fully integrated MIL-STD-1553 BGA package
Fully Integrated 1553 Terminal with Transformers Inside

Kratos General – Microwave Attenuators

A wide range of microwave attenuators both as COTS and as customized products.

Mini- Circuits Solid State Power Amplifiers

13 MHZ TO 5.8 GHZ | UP TO 1.7KW

Mini-Circuits Vector Network Analyzer

eVNA: 6 GHz USB Vector Network Analyzer

Mini-Circuits Smart Power Sensor

A low cost, compact sensor-head that turns any PC with a USB port into a true RMS power meter for CW (continuous waveform), modulated and multi-tone signals.

Mini-Circuits RF Microwave Switches

SPDT, DPDT (transfer), SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, and SP10T mechanical and solid state RF switches

Mini-Circuits RF Terminations

Reliable dissipation of signal power for 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm systems from DC to 65 GHz.

Mini-Circuits VCOs

Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) from spot frequency and narrow band to medium and wide bandwidths

Mini-Circuits RF Filters

Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass, Band-Stop, Diplexers and Triplexers

Mini-Circuits Equalizers

For gain flattening and frequency-dependent loss compensation in a wide range of applications

Mini-Circuits DC Blocks

Wideband DC blocks with SMA, N-type, BNC and 2.92mm connector types

Carling Technologies Digital Switches

A variety of keypads, a rotary encoder switch, and a display controller, enable the simple integration of multiple digital switching systems in commercial vehicles.

Carling Technologies LMR-Series

Provides the means to control one or two mirrors and up to four separate motors from one easy to operate joy stick control.

Carling Technology Rocker Switches

Illuminated and non-illuminated, snap-in mounted rocker switches

Carling Technology CLTM12-S-Series

Solid State Load Controller

Battery Disconnect Switches

Designed to minimize battery drain and ensure maintenance personnel safety.


High density connectors for rack & panel or board-to-board applications


Rugged Rack & Panel Series

Robust connectors for rack & panel applications


Provide enhanced protection and increased functionality to D-sub connector systems


Hermetic Family

Feedthroughs for vacuum applications


Adapter/Saver Family

Help prevent unwanted wear during testing or act as gender changers

Dual Port (Stacked) Family

Stacked right angle D-subs to save panel and board space

Carling Technologies – V-Series

Contura® sealed rocker switches

3D Plus – COMBO

A Space Grade Configuration Memory Boot Manager

3D Plus - FUSIO RT Family

3D Plus – FUSIO RT Family

Ideal for system applications requiring  performance, density and high reliability such as telecommunication satellites or experimental instruments.

IP67 Waterproof Family

For applications requiring IP65/IP67 waterproofing characteristics


MACH-D Family

MIL-DTL-24308 Connectors

3D Plus – Memory DDR4 SDRAM

Featuring higher speed and lower consumption than DDR3 SDRAM.

Combo D Family

Mixed density D-sub to mix signal/power/coax/HV and fiber optic

ODD Series

High Density D-subs family

SD Series

Standard density D-subs with size 20 machined contacts

Mini-Circuits RF Couplers

Directional, bi-directional, dual-directional and RF Taps

PLZ Series

An innovative alternative to CT shorting blocks

Mini-Circuits – Bias Tees

Coaxial and surface mount bias tees for DC current up to 5 Amps and RF bandwidths spanning 100 kHz to 54 GHz

DFS Series

An innovative alternative to CT shorting blocks

PLS Series

Shrouded, touch-safe power connectors

Mini-Circuits – RF Amplifiers

Amplifiers used in RF and microwave systems to boost signal power from input to output.


Infinity Family

Stellar blind mating, mixed density connector with robust housing

Kratos – Transmit/Receive Modules

Transmit/Receive Modules from Milexia partners Kratos General Microwave

VPB Series

THE PICMG 3.0 AdvancedTCA Zone 1 connector of choice

Compact Power Family

Plug-in power interface for CompactPCI and related platforms

GG Series

An extreme power connector capable of up to 200 amps per contact

DF Series

An economical, miniature power/signal connector family

Kratos Wideband Fast Synthesizers

a broad line of General Purpose RF and Microwave Synthesizers to be used in various applications

SM Series

High-reliability power & signal connector with metal shell

Kratos General – IQ Vector Modulators

Series 71 12 Bit Digital and Series 72 Analog IQ Vector Modulators

Kratos General – Microwave Phase Shifters

A complete line of broadband microwave phase shifters and RF Phase Shifters

Lightning Protection & Grounding

A range of lightning protection for cables at a variety of frequencies

Times Microwave Test and Measurement Cables

Ensure precision testing with Times Microwave Systems’ test and measurement cable assemblies.

Connectors from Times Microwave

A wide variety of connectors to meet even the most exacting electrical and mechanical requirements

Cable Assemblies from Times Microwave

A broad range of cables and assemblies including custom assemblies

Alpha Display – Smart Displays

Super Slim Industrial Smart Display Screens

Alpha Display – Alpha 4K Solution

UHD (4Kx2K) Display System

Alpha Display – High Brightness Displays

High brightness LCD Displays

Alpha Display – Industrial Displays

A variety of solutions designed for industrial automation

Winmate – Vehicle Mounted Computers

Winmate’s line of vehicle-mounted computers is designed to provide efficient and accurate inventory management for warehouse and logistics operations

Winmate – Healthcare Rugged Tablets

Rugged Tablets are specially designed to meet the stringent hygiene standards required in healthcare facilities

Winmate – ATEX Panel PC

Zone 2 and Class 1 Division 2 certified panel computers for hazardous environments in the refining and petrochemical industries.

Winmate – ATEX Display

Specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of hazardous environments


Full Size Single Board Computer

IEI Mustang – M2BM

VPU Accelerator

IEI Mustang – F100

FPGA Highest Performance Accelerator Card

IEI DRPC-240-TGL TSN/TCC Developer Kit

Optimizing AI Inference, Easy AI Deployment, Hard Real-Time Computing

Handheld – ALGIZ 10X Rugged Tablet

Extreme field performance

Handheld – ALGIZ 8X Rugged Tablet

Portable and powerful field computing

Handlheld – ALGIZ TT10 RTK Rugged Tablet

High precision field mobility

Handheld – ALGIZ 10XR Rugged Tablet

A powerful 10-inch Windows tablet

Emcon and SST Mobile Communication Suite

Deployable Rugged & TEMPEST Communication Kits and Solutions

Spectrum Control 7RU 19” EMI Shielded Cabinet

Emcon and SST Brand High Performance 7RU shielded Cabinet

Spectrum Control Dell OptiPlex 7450

Emcon and SST TEMPEST All-In-One Desktop PC for High Performance


Feedstock And Compliance Tracking System

The aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet

The most advanced, efficient, lightweight and rugged Windows tablet that is purpose-built for Zone 1 / Division 1 hazardous areas.



IP Broadcast solution from Milexia and SES

CPI VSAT Antenna Range Terminals Milexia

1.2M CPI VSAT Antenna range

1.2 Metre VSAT Rx/Tx Antennas available in X, Ku and Ka Band

Introducing Eutelsat ADVANCE

A new experience of dynamic high-end connectivity services



Power data-intense applications anywhere they’re needed.

1.8M CPI VSAT Antenna range

1.8 Metre VSAT Rx/Tx Antennas

2.4M CPI VSAT Antenna range

2.4 Metre VSAT Rx/Tx Antennas.

3.8M CPI VSAT Antenna Range

3.8 Metre VSAT Rx/Tx Antennas

Microchip 5071B Cesium Primary and Frequency Standard

Microchip 5071B Cesium Primary and Frequency Standard

The 5071B primary time and frequency standard is a replacement for the 5071A that matches the form, fit and functions of its predecessor.

Milexia T-GAN 1:2

1:2 Redundancy Switch Controller for Dual Polarisation Operation

Comtech LGAN – High Power BUC

100W to 500W in C and Ku-Band. The LGAN offers valuable features not found in other L-Band BUC products. Multiple power levels are offered, up to 500W in C band and 400W Psat rated in Ku band.

Physical Electronics (PHI) PHI Genesis

Fully Automated Multi-Technique Scanning XPS/HAXPES Microprobe

Physical Electronics (PHI) PHI 710

Scanning Auger Nanoprobe

Physical Electronics (PHI) nanoTOF 3

Parallel Imaging MS/MS

Comtech SLM5650C & SLM-5650C ODU

Software Defined Modems

Comtech CDM-780

Modular High-Speed Modem / Mod / Demod

Comtech LPOD-R – Low Power BUC

10W to 125W in X, C and Ku-Band

Comtech LPOD – Mid Power BUC

16W to 250W in X, C and Ku-Band

Boonton RTP5340

Real-Time Peak Power Sensor

Boonton RTP5006

USB RF Peak Power Sensor, 50 MHz to 6 GHz

Boonton PMX40

RF Power Meter

Boonton RTP5000

Real-Time Peak USB Power Sensors

Swedish Microwave Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

Swedish Microwave  Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) for satellite communications.

AA MCS Power Amplifiers

AA MCS specializes in the design and manufacturing of broadband power amplifiers based on GaN technology.

Narda-MITEQ Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

Milexia partners Narda-MITEQ design and manufacture a wide range of low noise amplifiers (LNAs)

RF Lambda – Attenuators

Active and Passive Attenuators available from Milexia UK partner RF Lambda

Spectrum Control – Fixed Attenuators

Spectrum Control offers a wide selection of Inmet and Weinschel fixed microwave attenuators – Available from Milexia UK

Smiths Interconnect – Loads & Terminations

Loads and terminations ranging from those designed to be integrated into isolators to stand alone component

Microchip SAW Filters

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices

Interface Concept IC-CMC-VPX3a

VPX 3U PMC/XMC carrier board

Interface Concept IC-FEP-VPX6e

6U VPX FPGA board with two FMC+ sites

Interface Concept IC-FEP-VPX3f

3U VPX VITA 66.5 FPGA board with FMC+ Site

Interface Concept IC-MPS-XMCa

Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC XMC board

Interface Concept IC-FIB-VPX6a

16 fiber T+R Interfaces on Kintex®-7 6U VPX processing unit

Interface Concept IC-SR-BOXa

19’’ 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Interface Concept ComEth4060a

6U VXS Giga Ethernet Switch

Interface Concept ComEth4420e

3U VPX Dual-Plane Gen3/4 PCIe & 40 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Interface Concept ComEth4000e

6U VME 1/10/40 Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Interface Concept IC-INT-VPX6d

6U VPX Dual Intel Xeon D and FPGA Single Board Computer

Interface Concept IC-PPC-VMEb

6U VME QorIQ Single Board Computer with on-board switch and FPGA

Interface Concept IC-INT-VPX6e

6U VPX Dual Intel® Xeon® D DSP board

Interface Concept IC-ARM-VPX3a

3U VPX LX2160A Arm-based Single Board Computer

Interface Concept IC-INT-VPX3k

3U VPX Intel® Xeon® W Single Board Computer

P-DUKE TSC15 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE LKC05W Series

Tiny-Ripple DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE WAF300W Series

DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE RCD10W Series

DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE QAE60U Series

Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE RDL03W Series

DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE NSR01 Series

DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE TAD65-P Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE MAC15 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE RED60W Series

DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE HAE150W Series

DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE HAE200W Series

DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE MAD100 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE MAD40 Single Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE MSD30 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE MSC15 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE MSD40 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE PSC06 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE MAD180 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE MAF300 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE TAD50 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

P-DUKE PSR02 Series

DC-DC Converter up to 30W

P-DUKE PSR1.0 Series

Non-Isolation DC-DC Converter


Non-Isolation DC-DC Converter

P-DUKE TBF500 Series

Full-Brick AC-DC Power Supply.

P-DUKE HSR01 Series

Non-Isolation DC-DC Converter

PPI Single Layer Capacitors

Edge to Edge Single Layer Capacitors

Simple Origin – Cyro Transfer Holders

Single Particle/ Tomography/ Micro ED


Megapixel CMOS TEM Camera

GloQube® Plus

Glow Discharge System for TEM Grids and surface modification

CHIARO – High Vacuum Mobile Plasma Asher

Similar to the IBSS MCA but distinguished by turbomolecular pressure & speed.

MCA – Mobile Cubic Asher

Mobile station for EM sample and chamber cleaning.

GV10x Plasma Cleaner

Downstream Plasma Technology for Cleaning TEM Samples on Carbon Films

Quorum PP3010

Cryo preparation system for SEM, FE-SEM and FIB-SEM

Quorum Q150V Plus Series

For ultra-fine coatings in high vacuum applications.

Quorum K850 Critical Point Dryer

The Quorum K850 combines versatility and ease of operation with built-in thermo-electric heating and adiabatic cooling allow precise temperature control.

Quorum Q150T Plus Series

Turbomolecular Pumped Coater

Quorum Q300T T Plus Series

Triple target sputter coater for specimens up to 200mm diameter

Quorum Q300T D Plus Series

Dual target sequential sputtering for specimens up to 150 mm diameter

Quorum Q150R Plus Series

Rotary Pumped Coater


SEM Peltier Heating & Cooling

Ethos NX5000 Focused Ion Beam System

Unsurpassed Performance with Ultimate Flexibility

Molecular Vista One

The original PiF microscope for nano‑IR chemical analysis.

Larger Case Size High-Q High Power Capacitors

High RF Current/Voltage with Low ESR/ESL and Ultra-Stable performance

HBU100F Series

100W-150W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU100 Series

100W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU75 Series

75W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU63 Series

60W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU60F Series

60W~100W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU60 Series

60W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

P-DUKE TAF300 Series

2 x 4 Inch AC-DC Power Supplies for up to 300W

MPS02 / MPH02 Series

DC-DC Converter – up to 2.01W

DOS06-12T / DOH06-12T Series

DC-DC Converter – up to 6 Amps

DOS06-05T / DOH06-05T Series

DC-DC Converter – up to 6 Amps

P-DUKE ASR01 Series

DC-DC Converter. Up to 15W

HPU26 series

25W Interchangeable Medical Wall-Mount Switching Power Supplies

HPU25 Series

25W Interchangeable Medical Wall-Mount Switching Power Supplies

HPU15 Series

15W Interchangeable Medical Wall-Mount Switching Power Supplies

HPU10A Series

10W Medical Wall-Mount Switching Power Supplies

HBU58 Series

60W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU50 Series

50W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU40 Series

40W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

HBU32 series

30W Medical Open-Frame Switching Power Supplies

VersaPad® Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

The ideal solution to evaluate and understand the capabilities of the rugged VersaPad touchpad technology.

MicroNav 360

Offers smooth and true 360° pointing, pressure-controlled acceleration, and a complete set of actuator reference designs

DuraPoint® OEM

A reliable, rugged and easy to integrate mouse module that is the ideal cursor control solution


The toughest Industrial Mouse in the world!

4-Zone FSR® Mouse Sensor Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

The perfect tool to evaluate the 4-zone FSR® unique mouse pointing solution.

4-Zone FSR® Mouse Sensor

4-zone FSR® pointing module that provides accurate 360-degree mouse control.

MicroJoystick Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

The high-precision MicroJoystick is an innovative and intuitive OEM pointing system that delivers simultaneous 360-degree control of both direction and speed at the touch of a fingertip.


Ideal for integration into notebook computers, remote controls, games and ruggedized devices

MicroModule Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

Ideal for computer cursor control in mobile rugged computers, navigation systems, machine control panels, pan and tilt controllers, motion controllers, and medical control equipment.


Provides complete 360-degree directional control and accurate speed control simultaneously


For electronic signature and character recognition applications.

VersaPad Plus™

Rugged Resistive Touchpad

Ring Sensor Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

An easy-to-integrate, high resolution, ultralow power package.

Ring Sensor

Ideal for medical equipment, control panels, media players, and home entertainment devices

FSLP Sensor Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

Ideal for media players, mobile phones, control panels, medical instruments, and home entertainment devices.

FSLP Sensor

Easy to integrate, high resolution, ultralow power package

FSR® 400 Hardware Development Kit (HDK)

Great for testing and learning about FSR technology as well as experimenting with your new design.

FSR® 400 Series

Force Sensing from 0.2 N to 20 N

FSR UX™ 400 Series

Force Sensing from 0.5 N to 150 N

MEP-200A Series

Medical / Industrial AC-DC Power Supply. 200 W, Convection Cooling and Low Profile

MEP-120A Series

120 W Convection 2”x 3”/ Medical / Industrial AC-DC Power Supply

MDS-030AAC Series

Medical AC-DC Adapter

Wall Mount Adapter – MDS-005AAS05 C

5 Volt, 5 Watt, MDS Medical AC-DC Wall Mount Adapter

MDS Wall Mount Adapter – MDS-005AAS05 B

5 Volt, 5 Watt – MDS Medical AC-DC Wall Mount Adapter

MDS Adapter – MDS-005AAS05 A

5 Volt, 5 Watt MDS Medical AC-DC Wall Mount Adapter

IMA 600 Watts Power Supply Series

For medical and industrial applications

IMA 400 Watts Power Supply Series

For medical and industrial applications

IMA 1000 Watts Power Supply Series

For medical and industrial applications

IMA 2000 Watts Power Supply Series

For medical and industrial applications


Ultra High Resolution CMOS TEM Camera

STEM Detector

Retractable transmitted electron detectors with Bright Field (BF-STEM) and Dark Field (DF-STEM) modes.

24V CHROME DIN Rail Power Supplies

Part of the Delta CHROME DIN Rail Power Supplies series

12V CHROME DIN Rail Power Supplies

12V 1 Phase (Class II & NEC Class 2) Chrome DIN Rail Power Supplies

5V CHROME DIN Rail Power Supplies

5 V 7.5 W 1 Phase (Class II & NEC Class 2) Din Rail Power Supply

MEG-A Series

Medical/Industrial AC-DC Configurable Power Supplies

Makito X4 Series

Encoders and decoders are designed for the most demanding live low latency video applications

GL952XU – X-Band Optical Uplink

A high performance alternative to conventional coaxial-cabled systems, reducing the need for wave-guide and minimizing signal attenuation.

VSAT Solution for Maritime Applications

Global Foxcom’s new fully integrated Maritime VSAT solution provides for the first time ever a cost effective alternative to coax cable deployments.

VSAT Pro System – 4000

Fully integrated optical 4000 VSAT Pro solution provides a professional cost effective alternative to coax cable deployments.

GL7930 L-Band 10MHZ

L-Band 10MHZ Satellite Transmit Link

Stream System

In Situ TEM Liquid + Biasing or Heating

Wildfire System

MET in situ heating

Lightning System

In Situ TEM Biasing & Heating

MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem

The MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem is the next generation DVB compliant modem specifically designed for broadcast applications.


Hydrocarbon compounds surface decontamination

MDM5010 Satellite Modem

The Newtec MDM5010 Satellite Modem is a very high throughput modem capable of handling traffic up to 1.2 Gbps in a shared bandwidth mode.

MDM2510 Satellite Modem

The MDM2510 is a compact, low power consumption modem, perfectly suited to service Small Office and Home Office customers and SMEs.


Low cost Passive and Passive Self-Pumping Dehydrators


Low pressure Air Dehydrator for indoor and outdoor applications

Ku-Band 200 watt Titan BUC

The Mission Microwave 200 watt Ku-Band Titan BUC is routinely used on high capacity Ku band transportable and multi-carrier gateways. 

Ku-Band 100 watt Javelin BUC

Mission Microwave 100 watt Ku-Band Javelin excels  in harsh environments and is routinely deployed on in both commercial and government

Ku-Band 25 watt Cube BUC

Ku-Band 25 watt Cube BUC make it an obvious choice for mission critical VSATs and SATCOM terminals.

X-Band 400 watt (200 watt linear) Low PIM BUC

The Mission Microwave 400 watt X-Band MOAB BUC shares a common electrical and control interface with with the Ku-Band MOAB

X-Band 100 watt Stinger BUC

The Mission Microwave 100 watt X-Band Stinger BUC shares a common electrical and control interface with with the Ka- and Ku-Band Stinger BUCs

X-Band 80 watt Stinger BUC

The Mission Microwave 80 watt X-Band Stinger BUC shares a common electrical and control interface with with the Ka- and Ku-Band Stinger  BUCs

X-Band 50 watt Stinger BUC

The Mission Microwave 50 watt X-Band Stinger BUC produces 44.5 dBm of single carrier linear power in an ultra compact and reliable package.

X-Band 40 watt Cube BUC

The Mission Microwave  40 watt X-Band Cube BUC shares a common electrical and control interface with with the Ka- and Ku-Band Stinger  BUCs and is frequently used in a multi-band terminal families.

Ka-Band 400 watt MOAB SSPA

The industry’s most compact & lightweight 400W solid state power amplifier.

Ka-Band 12 watt Dart BUC

The Mission Microwave Ka-Band 12 watt Dart BUC provides 12 watts of rated power in a a 2.4 lb package.

Ka-Band 200 watt Titan BUC

The Titan is a primary source for replacing TWT SSPA’s and BUC’s on transportable terminals and Ka-Band gateways.

B763 Series – Ku-band Tracking Receiver

Ku-band Tracking Receivers have been designed to track and measure pilots or beacons of all known commercial and military satellites.

B650 Series X-band Tracking Receiver

Novella SatComs B650 Series X-band Tracking Receiver have been designed to track and measure pilots or beacons of all known commercial and military satellites.

B550 Series – C-band Tracking Receiver

Novella SatComs B550 Series – C-band Tracking Receivers have been designed to track and measure pilots or beacons of all known commercial and military satellites.

MDT85 Android Enterprise Tablet

The new Topicon MDT865 is a 8inch, IPS panel (1280 x 800 pixel) Android rugged tablet.

Vehicle Dock for TOUGHBOOK Tablet

An ergonomically designed vehicle docking solution for the Panasonic models CF-33 tablets only.

TOUGHBOOK G2 – Detachable

Windows 10 Pro 10.1″ Fully Rugged Detachable Tablet

Vehicle Dock for TOUGHBOOK CF-54

A vehicle dock specially designed for the TOUGHBOOK models CF to 54

TOUGHBOOK 33 2-in-1 Detachable

Windows 11 Pro 12″ Fully Rugged Notebook

TOUGHBOOK G2 – Fully Rugged Tablet

Windows 11 Pro 10.1″ Fully Rugged Tablet

TOUGHBOOK 40 – Fully Rugged Notebook

14″ Fully Rugged Windows 11 Pro Notebook with Full-HD Touch Display

TOUGHBOOK 33 – Fully Rugged Tablet

Windows 11 Pro 12″ Fully Rugged Tablet

TOUGHBOOK 55 – Pro Notebook

14″ Rugged Windows 11 Pro Notebook with Full-HD Touch Screen

MDT760 – Mobile Data Terminal

7 inch Mobile Data Terminal

MDT1060 – Android Rugged Tablet

10” rugged android tablet support vehicle cradle and desk station

MDT661 – Android Rugged Mobile Phone

5.72″ Rugged Smartphone for Tough Field Work


Entry Level Coater

Spatial Converters

Radiation tolerant

HiRel IGBT Module

Ruggedized high-power IGBT modules

Hermetics IGBTs

Ruggedized discrete IGBTs

Ultrafast HiRel Rectifiers

MIL -PRF-19500

Shottky HiRel diodes


HiRel Solid State Relay

Surface mount or flush mount enclosures

Ultra Low Voltage Regulator

Adjustable and fixed outputs and spatial level screening

Hermetic voltage regulator

Surface mount box

Rad Hard Mosfet


Hermeticaly Sealed Mosfet

Standard hermetic power mosfets

PSA10FS-050Q Series

10W Fixed Prong USB Adapter – AUS

PSAA10A-050QL6 Series

10W Compact Fixed Blade USB Adapter

MQ10K-050B-H Series

10W USB Medical Grade Adapter – UK

S Neox

non-contact 3D optical profilometer Sensofar S NEOX


24V, 8A Lead Acid Battery Charger


24V, 3.5A Lead Acid Battery Charger


24V, 2.5A Lead Acid Battery Charger

PSM03S Series

2.75W Compact Fixed Blade Charger


200W DC uninterruptible power supply battery chargers

EPS Series

120W and 200W 48V UPS Ethernet uninterruptible power supply battery chargers


150W (275Wpf) 3 outputs UPS Ethernet uninterruptible power supply battery chargers


High power Industrial and Railway 3ph 3000VA DC/AC Inverters


High power Industrial and Railway 3ph 4500VA DC/AC Inverters


High power Industrial and Railway 3ph 6000W DC/AC Inverters


6400VA 3ph catenary DC/AC inverter


High Voltage DC/DC Converter & Battery Starter


Railway 120W Wide Input Range DC/DC Converters


AC/DC UPS, AC/DC Battery chargers


Railway and Industry 2000W DC/DC Converter


Railway 10kW Peak DC/DC Converter


AC/DC 4000W Configurable Product

Remote monitoring decoder

A universal multichannel monitoring decoder and analyser designed for HD / Full HD and Ultra HD video, audio and metadata monitoring.

StreamProbe 2110

QoS & QoE monitoring throughout the entire video delivery chain

Nimbra Edge

A microservice architecture supporting ultra-low latency transport and media processing for high quality streaming of premium content across hybrid clouds


Manage all your devices and live broadcast workflows


Integrated to your live production system, LiveGuest allows you to enrich your content and conduct a live interview with remote guests.


4K UHD & Multi-HD Encoder for remote production over unmanaged networks

B455 S-Band Tracking Receiver

S-band Tracking Receiver for antenna tracking of NATO / Skynet / DSCS military beacons.

B350 Series – L-band Tracking Receiver

L-band Tracking Receiver for antenna tracking of NATO / Skynet / DSCS military beacons.

B250 Series – UHF Tracking Receiver

UHF Tracking Receiver for antenna tracking of NATO / Skynet / DSCS military beacons.

LNB – Low Noise Block Downconverter

LNBs from Swedish Microwave for Professional satellite communication to meet the highest demands.

Norsat LNBs

Norsat’s range of LNB’s include single and multi LO (Local Oscillator) across C, Ku, Ka, X and Q-band frequencies.

Ka-Band Dual Band LNB

Ka-Band Dual Band LNBs from RevGo are produced to stringent quality standards using an ISO9001:2015 quality system.

Ku-Band RevGo – SNG/earth-station BUCs

40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 200W, 250W Ku-Band – SNG/earth-station BUCs from RevGo

Ku-Band RevGo – Mid-power

16W, 30W, 40w, 60W Ku-Band BUC’s from RevGo are produced to stringent quality standards using an ISO9001:2015 quality system.

Ku-Band – RevGo VSAT BUCs

3W, 4W, 6W, 8W Ku-Band VSAT BUCs from RevGo are produced to stringent quality standards using an ISO9001:2015 quality system

C-Band RevGo BUCs

5W, 8W, 20W, 40W C-Band Block Up-Converters (BUC) from Milexia partner RevGo


Carbon Coaters

For ultra high resolutions

Metallizers Standard & High Resolution

Primary & Secondary vacuum metallizers

Critical Point Dryers

Dehydrating biological tissue

H-Plus ODU Heights ™ Remote Gateway

A dual-purpose modem. The H-Plus can be used as a Point-to-Point SCPC modem or can be purposed as a mid-tier Heights Remote Gateway.

H-Plus Heights™ Remote Gateway

A dual-purpose modem that can be used as a Point-to-Point SCPC modem or as a mid-tier Heights Remote Gateway.

H8 & H16 Heights™ Remote Gateways

Remote Gateway – Low to Medium Throughput, for Dynamic SCPC mode of operation, upgradable to H-DNA

H-Pico Heights™ Remote Gateway

Supports multiple remote to hub throughput tiers up to 10 Mbps, which is managed via a centralized licensing capability.

The Milexi-SAT

An ultra-light uplink solution from milexia that can be used with our range of Eutelsat broadcast uplink FLY / DRIVE solutions

Heights™ Hubs

Networking Platform from ComTech is engineered to elevate your services with unparalleled horsepower, efficiency and intelligence.

MDM3310 Satellite Modem

Supports a wide range of fixed IP services, including Internet/ intranet access, VoIP, enterprise connectivity, maritime and multicasting services.

Block Downconverters

Novella Satcoms Block Downconverter typically used for frequency translation from (to) L-band to (from) SHF (C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka bands).

Block Upconverters

Novella Satcoms Block Upconverter typically used for frequency translation from (to) L-band to (from) SHF (C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka bands).

Frequency Downconverters

Novella SatComs frequency downconverters are based on an L-band to VHF (70 or 140MHz) module built on a single PCB.

Frequency Upconverters

Novella SatComs frequency upconverters are based on a VHF (70 or 140MHz) to L-band module built on a single PCB.

DLD1000-H120-DA/DX – LED Drivers

1042W, 2 channels, 1400 MA DALI-2, IP 66, 220-400 Vac, LED Drivers

MFA160 Series

Medical, 2x MoOP/MoPP, Class I/II, 160W AC-DC power supply

MDP1200 (FF, UCF, PCF) Series

2x MoPP Medical, 1200W AC-DC compact, efficient power supply

MDP600 SC Series

2x MoPP Medical, fan-less, sealer package, 600W power supply

MDP400 Series

2xMoPP Medical, 400W AC-DC compact, efficient power supply

MDP200 Series

2xMoPP Medical, compact, efficient 200W, AC-DC power supply

MCB600 Series

High density, configurable, 600W AC-DC Medical power supply


330W Natural Convection, 420W Forced Air Cooling. AC-DC compact, efficient power supply

SFA160 Series

Efficient, compact, 160W AC-DC power supply

DDP / MDP400 SC Series

Sealed, 400W, IT and 2xMoPP Medical rated AC-DC power supply

DDP1200 UC/PC Free Air Series

750W Natural convection, AC-DC power supply

DDP1200 (FF, UCF, PCF) Series

ITE and SSL approved, 1200W AC-DC compact, efficent power supply

DDP600 Series

2 x MoPP Medical, 600W AC-DC Compact, Efficient Power Supply

CPI SAT Anti-Icing System

CPI factory fit or Milexia retro-fit 1.2M to 3.8M anti-ice systems with full or half aperture heating


Low cost, manual regeneration Air Dehydrator


Waveguide automatic Air Dehydrator with Ethernet Communications

Platinum RF Over Fibre Links

Advanced Platinum RF Over Fiber platform, houses Digital Control for RF links, embedded optical/RF power meter, 12/24 ‘hot-swap’ modules per 3RU chassis

Gold RF Over Fibre Links

Foxcom’s Classic Gold RF Over Fibre platform, provides Gold Standard in reliability and performance

Q-Series Satellite Modems

The Teledyne -Flex modem is a flexible software-defined modem, any waveform, any interface, IF and L-band, and data rates to 200Mbps

iQ 200 Satellite Modem

The iQ 200 Rackmount combines high-performance iQ series features with mobility and can reach throughputs over 300 Mbps when being used in L2oS mode.

MDM2510 IP Satellite Modem

A compact, low power consumption modem

B155A Series – 70MHz Tracking Receiver

Models for antenna tracking of NATO / Skynet / DSCS military beacons


Inclined-Orbit Tracking Antenna System that provides a simple, robust and accurate solution for small antenna positioning and inclined orbit tracking in C, X Ku and Ka-Band.

This can be retro-fitted to a CPI mount for upgraded to inclined orbit tracking.

Antenna Interface Module (AIM)

Antenna Interface Module (AIM)

Antenna Interface Module (AIM) from Holkirk is a fully mobile ACU that has been designed to be user friendly, taking users through he acquisition process step by step.

This ACU can be supplied as part of any Holkirk atenna or as a retro-fit to existing antenna systems as part of a project.

Flyaway – TP100

1,0M – 5 segment Carbon Fiber antenna

2 cases – IATA compliant

Integrated BUC/LNB
High wind stabilisation kit
Sand feet
Ku and Ka-Band dual band
MPAD3 – Beacon receiver
Integrated IP Modem

Flyaway TP150. 1,5M - 8 segment Carbon Fiber antenna

Flyaway – TP150

1,5M – 8 segment Carbon Fiber antenna

5 cases – IATA compliant

Integrated BUC/LNB
Auto-acquire with GPS
Sand feet
X, Ku and Ka-Band dual/Tri-band
MPAD3 – Beacon receiver
Integrated IP Modem
Cross-site RF over fibre
Customised electronics

DDP600 SC Series

Sealed IP66/67/68, 600W AC-DC, Compact, Efficient Power Supply

DDP460 Series

340W Free Air, 460 W Forced Air Cooling, 3 x 5″ Form Factor for IT Audio Video/HHA and LED Lighting AC-DC Power Supply


Sealed, 400W, Class II, AC-DC Power Supply

DDP400 Series

IT rated AC-DC power supplies featuring a compact form factor and a high conversion efficiency.

DDP200 Series

A series of IT/Industrial grade power supplies designed to offer the high-power density and high efficiency

Manpack Scoprion HP. 1,0M - 7 segment Carbon Fiber antenna

Manpack – Scorpion HP

1,0M – 7 segment Carbon Fiber antenna

2 cases – IATA compliant

Integrated BUC/LNB
Sand feet
X, Ku and Ka-Band
Up to 100W RF Power
MPAD3 – Beacon receiver

GNSS Survey & Maintenance

MiFID II UTC Traceability Certification – TymCheck

GNSS Installation Services

GPS / GNSS Antenna Installation

TymCover Hardware Support

SLA Next Day Hardware Replacement

24/7 SyncServer Software Support

Dedicated technical support and through life firmware management

PD-9624GC – PoE Midspan

24 ports, 90W, IEEE 802.3bt-compliant indoor PoE midspan

PD-9024G – PoE Midspan

24 ports, 30W, IEEE 802.3at-compliant, indoor PoE midspan, managed

PD-6524GC – PoE Midspan

Multi-port 802.3af Compliant Midspan Family With Network Management System

PD-9524-10GC – PoE Midspan

24ports,60W,multigig,bt-compliant PoE midspan

53100A Phase Noise Analyzer

Rapid, Multi-function, Precision Oscillator Characterization

9611B – Intelligent Switch and Distribution System

Support for multiple signal formats

4036B-R RF Distribution Amplifier

1×15 RF Distribution Amplifier RoHS Compliant

4033A-R Pulse Distribution Amplifier

1×15 Pulse Distribution Amplifier 5V Output

IGM-1100 Outdoor Integrated GNSS Master

Small 1588 PTP GM for Outdoor Scenarios

bc637PCI-V2 (GPS) Timing Module

GPS Synchronized, PCI Time & Frequency Processor

bc637PCIe (GPS) Timing Module

GPS Referenced PCI Express Time & Frequency Processor

bc635PCle Timing Module

PCI Express Time and Frequency Processor

bc635PCI-V2 Timing Module

PCI Time and Frequency Processor

8040C Rackmount Rubidium Standard

A stable and accurate frequency reference with multiple output signal formats in a 1U rackmount chassis.

MHM-2020 Active Hydrogen Maser

Extreme Low Phase Noise and Frequency Stability for precise timekeeping and metrology applications.

CSIII Model 4310B

RoHS Commercial Cesium Frequency Standard

5071A Cesium Standard

Cesium Clock Primary Frequency Standard

Syncserver S80

SyncServer S80

Fully ruggedised, Integrated GPS NTP Time Server.

TimeProvider 4100

Precise Timing Grandmaster with Gateway Clock, PRTC-B, High-Performance Boundary Clock, Enhanced PRTC & Redundancy

PPL65 Series

65W Desktop C6 Adapter Series.

PPL36 Series – Desktop Adapter

36W Desktop C14 Adapter Series

PPL24 Series – Desktop Adapter

24W Desktop C6 Adapter Series

PPL18 Series – Desktop Adapter

18W Desktop C6 Adapter Series

AA60 Series – Desktop Adapter

60W Power Delivery 3.0. Desktop Adapter with USB-C Plug

POE30R Series

Single Port 30W Power-over-Ethernet, Interchangeable* Wall Plug Adapter

POE20D Series

19.6W Power-over-Ethernet Adapter DC Input Single Port Injector

POE16 Series

Passive POE Adapter. Single Port 15.4W Power over Ethernet Interchangeable* Wall Plug Adapter

POE15W Series

15.4W Single Port Power-over-Ethernet. IEEE802.3af Compliant Power Injector

POE14 Series

Fully Compliant IEEE802.3af PD Power Supply, Gigabit Compatible, Full Protection OTP, OCP, OVP, DC Good LED, 1 Year Warranty, Non-Vented Case.

GPS / GNSS Antennas

Top quality antennas for optimal positioning performance

Manpack Scorpion-Lite

60cm – 6 segment Carbon Fiber antenna

1 case – IATA compliant

Integrated BUC/LNB
Sand feet
Up to 16W RF Power
MPAD3 – Beacon receiver
Integrated IP Modem (IQ200/MDM2510)

Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC – SA5X)

The MAC-SA5X is designed for applications that require long-term atomic oscillator stability, but are constrained by size and low power requirements.

Chip Scale Automatic Clock – SA.45s CSAC

An unmatched combination of breakthroughs – reduced size, weight and power consumption brings the accuracy and stability of atomic clocks to portable applications

EXFO FIP 430B Fiber Inspection Probe

Fully automated WiFi inspection tool with embedded analysis.

AC/DC Open frame TPI Series

The TPP 30A-J AC/DC power supplies feature a reinforced double I/O isolation system according to medical safety standards IEC/EN/ES 60601-1 3rd edition for 2 x MOPP approved for an operating altitude of 5000 m.

Encapsulated TMLM

Dedicated to medical or industrial applications, the power of the encapsulated switch mode power supplies ranges from 2 to 100W.

AC/DC open frame TPP Series

These power supplies have a very compact format which facilitates their integration into your electronic equipment.

TSPC Series metal case

A reliable power source for sensitive loads in industrial process controls, machine tools and other equipment exposed to a difficult industrial environment.

TBLC Series plastic case

AC/DC Rail-Din power supplies which are suitable for rugged industrial applications.

Cryo Deck

For sensitive specimens on high resolution SEM


Analyse samples in the SEM without contamination

Hitachi Ion Polisher IM4000 II & AirBlade IM5000

The latest generation of Hitachi ion polishers are suitable for large surface preparation.


Custom magnet

Sensors detect when the grass bag is in the right position on the electric lawnmower. If it is not detected, the mower won’t be activated activate.


Combined X-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer (+/-6g)

SCC 2230-D08

Combined X-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer (+/-6g)


Combined X-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer (+/-6g)


Combined X-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer (+/-2g)


Combined X-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer (+/-6g)


Combined X-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer (+/-2g)


Accelerometer 1 axis


Accelerometer 1 axis


2-axis digital accelerometers


High-precision 3-axis digital accelerometers


High-precision 3-axis digital accelerometers


High-performance 3-axis accelerometer


3 axis gyroscope, ±125°/s


1 axis gyroscope, ±300°/s


1 axis gyroscope, ±100°/s

Fuse holder

Protection of electrical circuit

Fuses & accessories

Installation and replacement of fuses



Digital inclinometer with 3 axes


Digital inclinometer with 1 axis


Reed relay

A reed relay combines a reed switch with a coil in a single package to serve as a smaller and more power-efficient alternative to other types of relays. These relays are well suited for use in automated test, safety, medical and process control equipment. Customization options are available.


Soft Reed Switches

The largest choice of magnetic reed switches.  Reed switches are available in bare glass or in overmolded packages with a variety of mechanical, electrical and magnetic characteristics. Customization options, such as lead cutting and forming, are available.


Control magnet

  A wide assortment of bare and packaged magnets are available for many sensing applications.   Control magnets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes with different types of materials.


Reed sensors

With a wide range of blade sensors for proximity, level, speed and flow detection. Our reed switch sensors use the latest technology in reed switches, packaged in a variety of capsules suitable for a wide range of applications. Customization options are available.

Hall effect sensor

Our selection of Hall-effect products includes digital, analog, and rotary/angular sensors suitable for a wide variety of applications, including speed and direction sensing. Customization options are available.


Sensor beam

This custom-made cable harness is composed of 4 Hall effect sensors.


Soft Reed Switches

Milexia cuts, shapes and bends the exit tabs according to the customer’s needs, in order to guarantee the hermeticity and sensitivity of the contact.


Sensor for boilers

The sensor is used as a safety system to measure the pressure and to trigger an alarm.


Sensors for gas meters

The sensor measures gas and water consumption in the meter, allowing information to be sent to customers.


Sensors for alarms

Non-contact sensors are used in alarm systems to detect the opening or closing of doors and windows: a magnet on the moving part and a sensor on the fixed part.



The anemometer is equipped with a magnet which counts the revolutions of the propeller by closing the reed contact and thus determines the wind speed.


Level Sensor

Level sensors that are reliable, hermetically sealed, waterproof, and do not consume energy.

F Series

Heavy Duty Modular Coupler

B Series

Robust Modular Rectangular Connectors

Micro EMI Filter D-Sub Connectors

This line of connectors offers a range of reliable filtering options

High Performance EMI Filter D-Sub Connectors

The highest performance filtering for all types of professional, high-reliability applications. 

5G EMI Filter D-Sub Connector

Filter capable of 70 dB from 1 GHz to 6 GHz in a D-sub connector adapter form-factor.

Power Connection Systems Family

Versatile, high-current, mixed density

Goldfish Series

High Power in a Compact, Economical Package

HBB Series

High Power, Quick Release Circular Connectors

EMI Filter Power Line Connector

EMI Filter Power Line Connector is a power filter in a circular connector package that includes integrated common mode and differential mode EMI filtering.

Mechanical Encoders

Mechanical encoders combine the feel of rotary switches with a digital output.

Backplane connectors

Optical Encoders

Optical encoders that provide excellent tactile feedback to the user

MCOTS Converters and Filters

Ruggedised Power Converters and Filters Manufactured to Comply with a Wide Range of Military Standards

meb de table TM4000 II

TM4000 II & TM4000Plus II

Tabletop Microscope

SEM Specimen Current EBIC Amplifier

Microscope Accessory Solutions

S Neox Five Axis

5 Axis 3D Optical Profilometer

S Wide

Large Area 3D Optical Metrology System

S Lynx

3D optical profilometer

S mart 2 Sensor

3D Optical Module


Near-Field Infrared Microscopy

S Onix

Optical 3D module for surface Inspection


Scanning Acoustic Tomograph

ATLAS™ X Micro-XRF spectrometer

Unparalleled Micro-XRF Performance

ATLAS™ M Micro-XRF spectrometer

Unparalleled Micro-XRF Performance

Ethos NX5000

FIB-SEM Triple Beam

FlexSEM1000 II

Compact Scanning Electron Microscope

Hitachi HT7800 TEM Series

Low Voltage TEM (120kV)

HItachi H-9500 TEM

High Voltage TEM (300kV)

Hitachi HF-5000 TEM/STEM

200 kV aberration-corrected TEM/STEM

Hitachi Field Emission HF-3300 TEM

High Voltage TEM FEG (300kV)

NX-9000 Focused Ion Beam System

FIB-SEM System for True 3D Structural Analysis

NX-2000 Focused Icon Beam System

FIP-SEM for large samples up to 200mm


Large Specimen Chamber Field Effect Variable Pressure SEM


Very Large Specimen Chamber Field Effect Variable Pressure SEM


Field emission & variable pressure scanning electron microscope


Hitachi Ultrahigh-resolution Field-emission Scanning electron microscope


Ultra-High Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope


Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope

I/O Modules

I/O modules in the industry standard sizes of mini, standard and G5.

Combination Switches

Combination switches offer the versatility of combining performance with maximum space utilization

Battery Disconnect Switches

Designed to minimize battery drain and ensure maintenance personnel safety

Mini & Submini Switches

Lines include rocker, paddle, toggle, pushbutton, and slide switches


Flashers and Tower Lighting Controls.

Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers provide highly precise, reliable and cost-effective solutions to most design challenges.

Thermal Circuit Breakers

Include lighted and non-lighted, rocker and push-to-reset actuator options with UL and European approvals

Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Controllers & Microprocessors

Effortless Embedded Control Solutions

Light poles and tripods

Light poles and tripods that are designed to work when you need them.

Pan & Tilt

Pan and Tilt Positioner Controller with Real-Time Positioner Feedback

Telescopic Masts & Towers

A complete line of standard and custom built telescopic masts


Controllable Drive Actuators

Camera Systems

Camera elevation solutions that allow a camera to be positioned at heights from 6 ft. to 30 ft. above a vehicle roof

Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches are available in industry standard designs to allow for easy integration.

Hall Effect Switches

Magnetically detects the position of another moving part such as the shaft in a joystick or encoder

Optical Encoders


Man-Machine Interface (MMI) Controllers


A rugged solution for countless applications.

Rocker Switches

Rocker switches from Grayhill, available in industry standard designs to allow for easy integration.

Triple Beam


CMOS based TEM cameras for high-end scientific imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy


Glow discharge system for TEM grids


microXRF for SEM

Climate In Situ TEM Gas & Heating Solution

Allows the nanoscale world to be studied in a real gas and heating environment.

HiLEM IL1000 Ionic Liquid

Hitachi Innovation for Hitachi Electron Microscopes. The Latest in Sample Preparation.

GNSS / INS Ruggedised Boxes

Reliable GNSS/GPS positioning and attitude in a solid enclosure.

GNSS / INS Boards

Reliable GNSS/GPS positioning and attitude for OEM integrations

Magnetic Sensor

GNSS Boards

Easy-to-integrate Boards Provide Highly Accurate GNSS Positioning

GNSS Modules

Small-size, low-power, providing highly accurate positions

GNSS Reference Receivers

Uninterrupted High-quality Measurements

GNSS Ruggedised Boxes

Housed GNSS receivers providing highly accurate positions

GNSS Smart Antennas

High-accuracy GNSS receiver & antenna integrated into a single robust housing

AC Line Filter

Industrial and Military 3-Phase AC Line Filter Modules​

81840 128 Channel Multiplexer

High-performance 128-channel multiplexer features a typical 300 krad (Si) total dose tolerance

358 8-Channel Fault-Protected Analog Multiplexer

8-Channel single-ended (1 of 8) multiplexers with fault protection

338 8-Channel Multiplexer

Designed to connect one of eight inputs to a common output

AC Changer

Military 3-Phase AC Changer (MAC)





3-Phase Motor Drivers

Three-phase brushless motor drivers and gate drivers

Micross Services

306 16-Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer

High-performance, high-precision, monolithic, CMOS analog multiplexer

DDR2 SDRAM Memory For Space

DDR2 SDRAM Memory For Space

Series 2.40mm to SSBB Board-to-Board

Board-to-Board interface to SuperMini Board-to-Board bullets only

Clock & Timing Systems

Series 40 GHz 2.92mm

Board-to-Board interface to SuperMini Board-to-Board bullets only

Backplane Twinax Connectors

For high speed fibre channel connection

Scorpion™ Family

Modular Power, Signal Connectors

Cinch Connectors HS ABS D-Sub Backshell, 9 Way

Micro EMI Filter D-Sub Connectors

Cinch Connectors H ABS D-Sub Backshell, 50 Way

High Performance EMI Filter D-Sub Connectors

Power Connection System Family

SVGA HD15 Plug for field termination

2mm / cPCI Series

Rugged 2mm footprint cPCI backplane system

CEA Series

Data Transfer Rectangular Connectors

VPX Optical Interconnects

Offer flexibility, light weight, very high bandwidth, and forward compatibility.

SpaceNXT™ Aurora Series

ESA Space Qualified Backplane Connector

DC Blocking Connectors

Inmet inner DC blocks have a capacitor in-series with the center conductor

EMI Filter Audio Connectors

Waterproof and polarized, five or six pin electrical plugs/receptacles

Custom Hermetic Circular Connectors

GFSH Series

DDC – High Speed ARINC 600

100 and 150 ohm

Custom Circular EMI Filter Connectors

Custom circular connectors with EMI filters or unfiltered styles, including military standards.

Transformer Series

High Density, High Power, Intercoach Couplers

F Series

HBB Series

Transformer Series

EMI Filter Power Line Connector

Joystick with Centred Pushbutton

a single pole, 4-way toggle switch with a pushbutton in the center position.

Contact Pushbutton Switches – Series 04

MIL qualified to exacting electrical, mechanical and environmental standards.

MIL-DTL-5015 Commercial Series

Series 8000 – The need for a hermetic class, MIL-DTL-5015 style connector existed long before this class was added to the Mil-Std.

HTX – Very High Temperature Connector

The answer to the need for extreme harsh environment Hermetically Sealed interconnects

Snap Action Joysticks – Series 04JT

Series 04JT is a single pole, 4-way toggle switch with a tactile feel

DDC – ARINC 429 Components

Quality commercial, military, and COTS grade ARINC 429 components

DDC – ARINC Boards / Boxes

A wide assortment of quality ARINC 429 embedded and lab grade cards to support data bus development, validation, and the transfer

Marine Panel PC

Marine Panel PC solutions adapted to strong constraints and respecting strong protection indexes, allowing to guarantee their reliability and robustness in the most extreme

Military Panel PC

Panel PC solutions adapted to strong constraints and respecting strong protection indexes

DDC – Software

Commercial Avionics Utilities Software Suite

SPACE-PHY Dual MIL-STD-1553 Transceiver/Transformer Device

Transceiver/Transformer Device

Stainless Panel PC

Designed to adapt to the majority of environments and business sectors.

Industrial Panel PC

Designed to adapt to the majority of environments and business sectors

Marine Display

Display solutions are designed to meet specific requirements in terms of robustness and precision.

Military Display

Designed to meet specific requirements in terms of robustness and precision.


The SP’ACE RT II is a complete dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 Remote-Terminal Hybrid.

Ruggedized PDAs

Robust and suitable for harsh environments where you need to be able to act quickly.

3DPM0211-1POL Converter

High performance, high reliability, compact size and low weight for Space Applications.

Hardened Shelves

Robust and suitable for harsh environments where you need to be able to act quickly.


Lowest-Power, Low-Density FPGAs in Smallest Packages


More Resources in Low-Density Devices with the Lowest Power, Proven Security and Exceptional Reliability

PolarFire® Mid-Range FPGAs

Lowest-Power, Cost-Optimized, Mid-Range FPGAs

Expansion and Legacy I/O

A growing line of I/O expanders, ranging from 6 to 100+ input/output ports, available in a variety of packages.

eSPI-to-LPC Bridge

Make the Move to the High-Speed eSPI Standard In Your Existing LPC Industrial Computing Designs

Desktop and Super I/O

System Management Simplified

Embedded and Keyboard Controllers

Essential components to most modern-day computing systems.

DSUB product family

DSUB-5G Family

The DSUB Family of products can operate with LED, VCSEL, or FP lasers.

Space Qualified Box Couplers

Full space-qualified line of Box-Type MIL-STD-1553 data bus couplers.

Space Qualified In-Line Couplers

Space-qualified line of In-Line MIL-STD-1553 data bus couplers.

AceXtreme® Bridge Device

Convert avionics messages in real time between Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, and ARINC-429, in any direction, without a host computer.

Lab Avionics Interface Computer

Efficient, scalable, and portable platform to develop and test MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 system applications via an Ethernet network

Rugged Avionics Interface Computer

DDC’s Rugged Avionics Interface Computer (AIC) provides a flexible and scalable platform that supports a wide range of data network communications.

Compact Avionics Interface Computer

Compact Avionics Interface Computer (C-AIC) offers a completely customizable, off-the-shelf solution, that can be optimized for specific application requirements.

MCP6D11 differential amplifier

Low-Noise, 90 MHz Differential I/O Amplifier

MCP6V51 operational amplifier

45V, 2 MHz Zero-Drift Op Amp w/ EMI Filtering

MCP6V77 family

The MCP6V77 family of operational amplifiers provides input offset voltage correction for very low offset and offset drift.

PC Box Rail Din

The PC Box Rail Din from Milexia is a compact industrial automation controller suitable for a wide variety of industrial IoT and automation applications.

PolarFire® SoC FPGAs

Lowest-Power, Multi-Core RISC-V SoC FPGAs

PC Box Din Rail

The PC Box Din Rail from Milexia is a compact industrial automation controller suitable for a wide variety of industrial IoT and automation applications.

Din Rail PC Box

The Din Rail PC Box is a compact industrial automation controller suitable for a wide variety of industrial IoT and automation applications.

Microcontrollers & Microprocessors

Effortless Embedded Control Solutions

PC Box Din Rail ATEX – C1D2 Certified

A compact industrial automation controller suitable for a wide variety of industrial IoT and automation applications


The NEW 10-inch ZX10 Rugged Tablet from Milexia partners Getac,  offers a powerful, lightweight and compact Android tablet with a smooth user experience.

Signal Generator

The Synthesized Signal Generator (SSG) provides a low phase noise synthesized CW output in a small package.

Noise Generator – CNG Series

Fully automated test instrument that sets and maintains a highly accurate ratio between a user-supplied carrier and internally generated White Gaussian noise.

Satellite Link Emulators

The Satellite Link Emulator from dBm provides a cost-effective, time-saving, repeatable total solution for satellite to ground station RF link testing.

Radeus Labs 9000 Antenna Control Unit

Radeus Labs 9000 Antenna Control Unit

A high performance antenna control system focused on multi-motor per axis, full motion antenna solutions.

It supports mono-pulse tracking capability and provides high precision and accuracy for dependable tracking performance in full motion applications.

Touch & Gesture Products

Capacitive Touch Controllers, Microcontrollers with Touch and 3D Gesture Controllers

Radeus Labs 8200 Antenna Control System

Radeus Labs 8200 Antenna Control System

An ideal drop-in replacement for ageing Vertex 7200 systems. As a retrofit option, the 8200 ACU is compatible with industry standard drive-cabinet interfaces and legacy position feedback devices, such as absolute rotary optical encoders, standard single-speed brush-less size 11 revolvers and two-speed brush-less size 20 revolvers.

CE Mini Encoder

The CE Mini is single channel contribution encoder in a cost effective, low power, compact form factor with streaming outputs including SRT or Zixi.

Distribution of Video Audio Intercom (ethernet signalling)

The Optical interface card (OC-4B-SDI) is a one stop optical shop. By using a simple key (SFP) you can unlock the card to be anyone of the more then 200 combinations that are available to you.

Fibre SFPs

Norwia’s SFP’s are selected for their performance and price level to give the best possible solution for your critical applications. 

IoT – Smartellite Fixed

The Smartellite™ Fixed terminal comprises patch antennas and a built-in MODEM, providing a rigidized, all-in-one solution. The unique design allows independent configuration and installation by the end-user.

hiSky Smartellite™ Dynamic

SOTM – IoT – Smartellite Dynamic

Satellite Terminal for GEO & LEO on the move connectivity, works with a dedicated free app turns any iOS or Android smartphone into a satphone.

Virtual GPS Utility (VGPS)

Getac VGPS (Virtual Global Positioning System) Utility replicates the physical GPS data to multiple COM ports to help ensure operational efficiency.

Keywedge Barcode Utility

The KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility expands the capability of any Getac rugged device with a rear camera.

Driving Safety Utility

Getac Driving Safety Utility reduces distractions with its screen blanking function, in order to help drivers stay focused, keeping them safe.

Smartellite Static

Satellite Portable Terminal for IoT and Voice & Data

DiviDual Portable Transport Stream Analyser ASI / IP

The DiviDual ASI is a pocket analyser provising transport stream, real-time analysis, recording and stream playing.

Device Monitoring Systems

GDMS is a software solution that tracks and monitors devices, identifying issues before they impact on field-based personnel.

X500 Fully Rugged Notebook

The X500 ultra rugged notebook combines powerful Intel 7th generation Quad-Core processors with a brilliant 15.6 inch full HD display and endless expansion.

V110 Fully Rugged Notebook

The V110 fully rugged notebook features outstanding performance, high security, a large 11.6” widescreen display, weighs just 4.63lbs and is just 39mm thick.

S410 Semi Rugged Notebook

The S410 semi-rugged notebook is capable of delivering more power, more mobility, more connectivity, and more capability than ever before.

B360 Pro Fully Rugged Notebook

Designed for the Defence market, the B360 Pro 13.3″ fully rugged laptop has been purpose-built to operate in tactical environments.

B360 Fully Rugged Notebook

The all-new B360 fully rugged notebook from our partner Getac, delivers a fast response through 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and Intel® UHD graphics.


The ZX70-EX fully rugged tablet is ATEX zone 2 and IECEx certified and is easy to hold in one hand, making it the ideal solution for improving mobile productivity.


The new ZX70 7” fully rugged Android™ tablet comes in a compact size with a thin and light, ergonomic design, making it the ideal solution for improved mobile productivity.


ATEX zone 2 certified. Drop resistant and temperature tolerant, the LumiBond® 10.1″ screen ensures usability in all environments.


The 10.1″ display UX10 rugged tablet is versatile and portable, ready to deliver digital transformation in environments where rugged performance is required.


ATEX zone 2 certified. Built with an 8.1-inch sunlight-readable display, a 34 percent larger screen area than a typical 7-inch tablet. 


ATEX zone 2 certified. With a 12.5” FHD display, K120-Ex tablet offers powerful computing for use in extremely harsh environments.

Getac – K120

With a diverse selection of operation modes, its robust display capabilities and choice of accessories, the K120 fully rugged tablet is perfect for extensive use in various harsh environments. 


ATEX zone 2 certified. F110-EX combines high performance, industry-leading security, a 11.6” widescreen display.

Getac – F110

The F110 rugged tablet combines class-leading performance and industry-leading security. It has a large 11.6” widescreen display and a thin and lightweight design that redefines rugged mobility.

X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server

A high-performance, rugged mobile server that provides quick deployment which can be easily transported into emergency, disaster and temporary set-up environments.

Getac – A140

The A140 tablet delivers exceptional performance, industry-leading security and a 14″ display, with wide viewing angles, which allows you to get things done, with less scrolling.

Getac – EX80

ATEX zone 0/1 certified, the EX80 brings image clarity, precision input ability, and maximum safety, along with the proven power of the Windows 10 operating system.


The T800 from Milexia partner Getac is a fully rugged tablet. It has a 8.1″ screen  and its thin, ergonomic design allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand.

BBright UHD-Decode

BBright’s versatile contribution and monitoring decoder supporting HEVC/H264/MPEG2 and JPEG2000.
Up to 8 HD Channels or 2 Ultra HD Channels per decoder

3D101 Series – CANbus Display for Vehicles

3D101 Series with a 10.1-inch display meet the ISO and ANSI specifications

3D2104 Series CANbus Display

10.4-inch Display for Vehicles, ideal for gauges, diagnostics, cameras, guidance and other vehicle functions

3D32 – Graphic MicroDisplay

Easily display custom graphic icons, text boxes and active gauge elements.

UHD-TS / Multi-TS

BBright’s Multi-TS is an easy to use and cost effective compressed video playout server for professional broadcast or streaming applications


ASIIPGuard is Enensy’s innovative and dense ASI switch that enables automatic 2:1 or 3:1 switch redundancy of ASI and IP feeds.

Gigacaster II

The ENENSYS GigaCaster II TS over IP gateway is suitable for delivering over IP networks any MPEG content from one point to another point or from one point to multi-point

3KG1 Series – CANbus Keypads

CANbus Keypads suitable for off-road vehicles in Agriculture and Construction.

3KG2 Series – Generation 2 CANbus Keypads

The 3KG2 Series 2nd generation MMI CANbus keypads have the same benefits of the legacy products with added new features

BeOnAIR AIR220 Streaming Service

The BeOnAIR package uses the AIR220 transmitter offering an affordable subscription service and broadcast grade live streaming solution.

AKF-15 Series

Fully encapsulated AC-DC power supply modules, featuring EMI emission EN 55011/32 class B approved & EMS compliance to EN 61000-4 standard.

AAF-05 Series

A range of ultra-small, fully encapsulated 5 Watt AC-DC power supply modules

ABF-04 Series

Fully encapsulated AC-DC power supply modules

AQF-30 Series

The AQF-30 series is a new range of fully encapsulated 30 W AC-DC power supply modules, featuring EMI emission EN 55011/32 class B approved and EMS compliance to EN 61000-4 standard.

MIW06 Series

A range of high performance DC-DC converter modules with 6W output power.


Cost-optimised 10W isolated DC-DC converter within an encapsulated DIP-24 package.

Rotary Switches Series 50-51 - Single Deck

Rotary Switch Series 50-51 Single Deck

Grayhill Series 50-51 0.5″ Diameter, 200mA, .698″ Behind Panel

AAF-03 Series

The AAF-03 Series is a range of ultra-small, fully encapsulated 3 Watt AC-DC power supply modules.

Rotary Switch Series 19 - Single Deck

Rotary Switches Series 19 – Single Deck

Single Deck Rotary Switch with 2″ Diameter and 15 Amp

Rotary Switch series 8 multi deck

Rotary Switch Series 08 – Multi Deck

Rotary Switch – Multi-Deck with 0.5″ Diameter, 1/4 Amp Standard, Military SR13

Touch Encoder

Il Grayhill touch Encoder combina le funzionalità dei tradizionali display touch, tastiere e interruttori rotanti.


The MIW10M series is a high performance 10W medical approved DC-DC converter within encapsulated DIP-24 package designed for medical applications.

PST – COTS & Custom Power Supplies

Either with fully discrete custom design or with Vicor COTS module integration, Power System Technology will help you to lower the design cycle, engineering costs and provide the benefit of high technology.


The PD-9004G provides up to 30 Watts of power over Ethernet and offers a IEEE 802.3at-compliant solution to upgrade existing infrastructure with PoE, ensuring safe operation of any standard PoE data terminal.

AVP2000 Contribution Encoding

Driven by demand for high resolution services, such as 4K UHDTV, the AVP 2000 Contribution Encoder enables operators to make bandwidth savings without compromising on video quality

PD-6512GC PoE Midspan

The twelve port PoE midspan provides up to 15.4 Watts of power over Ethernet and offers a IEEE 802.3af-compliant solution


The PD-3501G offers a compact and cost effective, IEEE 802.3af compliant solution for powering IP phones, WLAN access points, network cameras and other IP terminal devices.


An outdoor PoE switch that enables the connection of four powered devices to a network such as an outdoor WLAN, outdoor IP camera, or outdoor P2P radio


The PDS-408G digital ceiling PoE switch offers an optimal and cost-effective solution for PoE application like PoE lighting and other digital ceiling applications.

PD-9001GR/AT – PoE Midspan

1 port, 30W, IEEE 802.3at, indoor PoE midspan

PRO Series 4K/UHD mobile transmitter

The most reliable 4K/UHD & Multi HD Mobile Transmitter

CE1 Contribution Encoder

The CE1 Contribution Encoder enables live events to be captured reliably, cost effectively, in the highest quality and with low transmission latency

PST23 Series

The PST23 is a compact DC-DC converter in chassis mount format, incorporating input filtering, input and output protections, robust mechanical mounting and connection and optional conformal coating required for industrial and railway applications. The converter provides high reliability thanks to the integration of Vicor Corp. modules, high efficiency, input-to-output isolation, soft start, over temperature protection, […]

PST 22 Series

The PST22 is a compact DC-DC converter in an eurocard format, incorporates input and output protection and filtering, signalling features, which are required in industrial and railway applications.

PST21 Series

A robust mechanical package and connection required in severe environments including industrial and defence.

PST14 Series

A compact DC-DC converter incorporates input filtering, input and output protections, robust mechanical mounting and connection, required in most of the severe environment for industrial, railways, defence applications.

XL375 Series

With an overall height of 1.5″ and a 3.3″ x 5″ footprint, the XL375 Series boasts a power density over 15 watts per cubic inch

XL330-54 Series

The high efficiency XL330-54 Series provide up to 91% efficiency and can reduce energy losses by up to 50%.

XL275 Series

Advanced digital controller – the XL275 is the first power supply in this class to use a digital microcontroller to supervise the unit’s operation.

XL270 Series

XL270 Series

State of the Art Digital Controller –
the XL270 is the first power supply in this class to use two digital signal processors to control the unit’s operation.

XL100 Series

One of the smallest 100 Watt power supplies on the market, also available in a choice of four different packages to suit diverse power application requirements


XL65 Series

One of the smallest 65 Watt power supplies on the market, available in a choice of four different packages to suit diverse application requirements


XL40 Series

One of the smallest 40 Watt power supplies on the market, available in a choice of four different packages to suit diverse application requirements.

RCB1200 Series

The RCB1200 features active PFC, redundancy and external control options in an ultra small form factor. Active PFC EN61000-3-2 compliant

RCB600 Series

The RCB600 is a modular, configurable multi-output power solution offering unrivaled performance and flexibility.

XLM500 Series

All models of the XLM 500 series can be used as standalone power supplies and have different chassis options

XLM240 Series

XLM240 Series

All models of the XLM 240 series can be used as standalone power supplies and have different chassis options

XL280 Series

With an overall height of 1.43″ and a 3″ x 5.3″ footprint, the XL280 Series boasts a power density over 13 watts per cubic inch

PRISMON Audio-Video-Monitoring


PRISMON from Rohde & Schwarz is an innovative and versatile software-based solution for monitoring and analysis of audio/video real time content.


MediaKind’s RX1 is a multi-codec multi-service professional decoder specifically designed to meet the needs of the contribution market as a UHD HEVC decoder or providing Dense HD decoding.

IBUC 3G Terrasat – Mid power

25W to 40W The latest evolution of the IBUC has all of the advanced features and reliability of the original IBUC in a new, more compact package available in Ku-band

The AIR Series

Advanced Ultra-Compact HEVC Mobile Transmitter

EXFO FTB700G V2 Series

Optical, Ethernet and multiserver tester. An all-in-one Ethernet/optical solution for field technicians.

EXFO Max Tester 715B Last Mile OTDR

Point-to-Point (P2P) links, last-mile installation and troubleshooting.

Outdoor / Ruggedised IP Modems

Outdoor WiFi access point for multi-bearer applications

High Shock Vibration Oscillators

Microchip Oscillators

High Shock Vibration Oscillators operate in harsh environments.

Manpack - Scorpion Multi-band X, Ku and Ka-Band

Manpack – Scorpion Multi-band X, Ku and Ka-Band

6/5/7 segment Carbon Fiber Antenna

1 case – IATA compliant

Integrated BUC/LNB
Sand feet
X, Ku and Ka-Band (interchangeable)
Up to 16W RF Power
MPAD3 – Beacon receiver
Integrated IP Modem

BlueSky™ GPS Firewall

Microchip’s new BlueSky GPS Firewall protects already deployed GPS systems by providing a cost-effective overlay solution installed between existing GPS antennas and GPS systems.

broadband capacitors


These broadband capacitors are intended primarily for coupling RF signals or, occasionally, for bypassing them to ground while blocking DC.



Aviwest’s intuitive MOJOPRO Series makes it simple to stream high quality videos and forward files over bonded 3G/4G, WiFi connections from your mobile devices or MacBook Pro®.

QUAD Series

The AVIWEST QUAD series is designed to be used in combination with AVIWEST’s PRO Series, RACK series or AIR series transmission devices.

Stream Labs' Multiprobe

Stream Labs Multiprobe

Stream Labs’ Multiprobe Global distributed monitoring & recording system for the quality control of TV and radio broadcast and for the delivery of content.

EXFO Max Tester 945 OLTS

The MaxTester 945 Telco OLTS is the first tablet-inspired multifunction optical loss test set (OLTS) delivering insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and fiber length measurements at two wavelengths.

Gain equalisers

Gain Equalizers

API Inmet’s Gain Equalisers solve your system slope problems. Offering negative, positive or parabolic slope units to meet your desired performance.

EXFO Max Tester 940 Cert

The EXFO MAX-940 Fiber Certifier OLTS is the first tablet-inspired solution that has been specifically designed to certify fiber cabling in data centres and enterprise networks.

Atomic Clock, frequency standard

Quantum Miniature Rubidium Atomic Clock (MAC) features a compact design and low power consumption.

Vehicle mount – DRM150. 1.5M Multi-band X, Ku and Ka-Band

Vehicle mount – DRM150

1.5M Multi-band X, Ku and Ka-Band

X / Ku / Ka-Band tri-feed
Quick change feed cassette (X / Ku / Ka)
Integrated BUC, LNB and waveguide
Up to 80W X-Band / 50W Ku-Band / 20W Ka-Band
Full auto-pointing capability

EXFO Max Tester Access OTDR

The MaxTester 720C Access OTDR is a high-performance OTDR from the world’s leading manufacturer, delivering EXFO’s tried and true OTDR quality and accuracy.


SignalCore signal sources are designed to meet demanding RF and microwave applications in academia, military, and commercial markets.

RF & Microwave filters


Reactel Cavity Filters are designed to meet the most stringent requirements with low loss and high selectivity.

QD77 Remote Internet Access Terminal

The QD77 is the latest in Holkirk’s Ka-Band satellite terminal family and has been designed to access the pan European Eutelsat Ka-Sat network.

Ka-Band 25 watt Stinger BUC

The 25W Stinger Ka-Band Block Upconverter is the industry’s smallest and lightest weight 25W solid state power amplifier at Ka-Band.

Frequency Converters – UDC Series

SignalCore RF Upconverters are designed to meet today’s demanding wireless applications.

Ka-Band 100 watt Javelin BUC

Mission Microwave’s Javelin Block Upconverter is the industry’s most compact and lightweight 100W solid state power amplifier.

Ku-Band 55 watt Stinger BUC

The 55W Stinger Block Upconverter is the industry’s smallest & lightest weight 55W solid state power amplifier.

low noise and medium power amplifiers


Mercury System’s narrow band amplifier series exhibit outstanding performance. Proven designs with noise figures below 0.5dB, output P-1dB in excess of several watts and excellent linearity.

DC Blocks and bias tees

Spectrum Control Bias Tees

Bias tees allow the insertion of DC voltages into a signal path without disrupting the existing signal in that path.

coaxial switches

Coaxial Switches

Coaxial switches from RLC Electronics, covering the frequency dc-65GHz.

SyncServer S650

Microchip’s accurate, secure and flexible time and frequency standard.

Syncserver S600

SyncServer S600

Microchip’s high performance, enhanced security, network time server.

Ka-Band 50 watt Javelin BUC

Mission Microwave’s Javelin Block Upconverter is the industry’s most compact and lightweight Ka-Band 50W solid state power amplifier.

StreamHub Series

The AVIWEST DMNG StreamHub is the DMNG system receiver, decoder and distribution platform, compatible with all AVIWEST live video encoders and transmitters.

U750 Ku-Band Upconverter

U750 Ku-Band Upconverter

Novella SatComs frequency upconverters are based on a VHF (70 or 140MHz) to L-Band module built on a single PCB.

B38 Beacon Tracking Receiver

Novella SatComs tracking receivers have been designed to track and measure pilots or beacons of all known commercial and military satellites.

D750 Ku-Band Downconverter

D750 Ku-Band Down Converter

Novella SatComs frequency downconverters are based on an L-band to VHF (70 or 140MHz) module built on a single PCB.

MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway

DVB-S2X multi-carrier satellite gateway

MDM6000 satellite modem

MDM6000 Satellite Modem

The MDM6000 Satellite IP Modem is a versatile next generation modem optimised for a wide range of applications such as cellular backhauling, IP trunking and fibre restoration.

IBUC 2e Terrasat – Energy Efficient

A 5W to 16W low energy consumption solution for use with modems equipped with limited capacity BUC power supplies (DC power supplied via IFL coax), available in C and Ku-band

IBUC R Terrasat – High power

60W to 200W The IBUC R is an integrated BUC/GaAs SSPA designed for higher performance & reliability available in C, X and Ku-Band.

EXFO Max Tester 940 OLTS

EXFO MaxTester 940 is optimised for data-centre and enterprise tier-1 fiber certification. Designed to help installation contractors, network engineers and IT maintenance technicians achieve faster, first-time-right system acceptance.

IBUC 2 Terrasat – Mid power

4W to 80W The latest evolution of the IBUC has all of the advanced features and reliability of the original IBUC in a new, more compact package available in C, X and Ku-band from 4W to 80W

Mini Circuits – RF Attenuators

Over 400 coaxial, surface mount, and MMIC attenuator models – available in France, Italy and Spain

Vehicle mount – RM150. 1.5M Multi-band X, Ku and Ka-Band

Vehicle mount – RM150

1.5M Ku-Band

Up to 400W TWT in 1:1 configuration
1:1 250W GaN SSPA
Fully integrated BUC control in AIM controller
Full auto-pointing capability
Fits onto any vehicle


RM120 Broadcast Roof Mount

The RM series of digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) antennas from Holkirk are designed to excel in today’s demanding DSNG environment.

Quick-Deploy QDV120. 1,2M - 1 SMC antenna

Quick-Deploy QDV120

1,2M – 1 SMC antenna

1 case – NON IATA compliant

1.2M quick deploy antenna system
Tool-less assembly
Pointing assistant (easy, no experience required)
All equipment supplied for internet connection
Fast and accurate assembly for pointing
Single case for complete system (antenna, modem, 25M L-Band cables)

TP150 Broadcast Flyaway Antenna

TP150 Broadcast Flyaway Antenna

An IATA compliant system with a compact 1.5m reflector and capacity for up to 400W HPA.

Fly-Away – TP120

1,2M – 6 segment Carbon Fiber antenna
Eutelsat Characterised

4 cases – IATA compliant

Integrated BUC/LNB
Auto-acquire with GPS
Sand feet
X, Ku and Ka-Band dual/Tri-band
MPAD3 – Beacon receiver
Integrated IP Modem
Cross-site RF over fibre
Customised electronics

IBUC G Terrasat – High Power (GaN)

80W, to 400W in C, Ku and Ka-Band. Terrasat’s revolutionary IBUC G has advanced features and a Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier for increased efficiency.

2250A phase angle voltmeter

Phase Angle Voltmeter

Second generation 2250A Phase Angle Voltmeter (PAV) is based on the latest DSP and FPGA technologies measurement and thus substantially extends and simplifies the capabilities of the legacy 2250.



DVBMonitor – used for automated, powerful, complex, real-time, 24/7 compliance monitoring of all aspects of DVB for multiple Transport Streams.



DVBLoudness is very modular, it can be used in flexible and scalable environments enabling a wide range of users to analyse and control loudness process behaviour.



DVBAnalyzer enables powerful analysis of all aspects of DVB/ATSC/ISDB transport streams for developers, broadcasters, system integrator’s and field engineers.

MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem

MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem

The MDM6100 Broadcast Satellite Modem is the next generation DVB compliant modem specifically designed for broadcast applications.

CDM760 Advanced High Speed Trunk

The CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem builds on Comtech EF Data’s award-winning family of high-speed, ultra efficient trunking modems.

CDM-570A Satellite Modem

Next generation satellite modems providing industry-leading performance and flexibility.

CDM 625A-EN Advanced Satellite Modem

The CDM-625 Advanced Satellite Modem builds on Comtech EF Data’s legacy of providing the most efficient satellite modems.

M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator

M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator

The new generation DVB compliant modulator specifically designed for broadcast direct-to-home, primary distribution to headends and contribution of television and radio content.


RX8300 Series

The RX8300 range of Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs) are the perfect receive devices for distribution of video services throughout large networks.


RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver

The MediaKind RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver heads its class as an IRD offering the perfect balance of industry leading capability, flexibility and affordability.


AVP 3000 DSNG Encoder

The AVP 3000 is the sixth generation DSNG product and is the most flexible and scalable news gathering system on the market.

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