Providing reliable delivery of end-to-end content, independent of the type of physical bearer used. This can be over multiple links ie satellite, local WiFi, LAN and LTE.

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Product spotlight RX1

MediaKind’s RX1 is a multi-codec multi-service professional decoder specifically designed to meet the needs of the contribution market as a UHD HEVC decoder or providing Dense HD decoding. The MK RX1 is an edge device specifically designed to meet the needs of the contribution and distribution markets.

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Extensive range of compression, transmission and distribution products and software.


DVBMosaic: real-time mosaic overview showing multiple services received from multiple transport streams.

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UHD Decoder

BBright’s versatile contribution and monitoring decoder supporting HEVC/H264/MPEG2 and JPEG2000. Up to 8 HD Channels or 2 Ultra HD Channels per decoder.

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