Human Machine Interface (HMI) products include optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks and push-buttons, force sensing resistors, potentiometers, integrated mouse modules and pointing solutions.

HMI & Electromechanics product groups

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CANbus Displays, Controllers & Keypads

Generation 2 MMI Controllers, CANbus keypads and the 3D series displays feature new benefits in meeting ever-changing market demands

Camera System

Card-Loks & Wedge-Loks

Innovative high thermal and clamp force designs for best in class performance, standard COTS or modified products to meet application requirements, designs for second level maintenance including torque limiting and tooless Card-locks.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit protection products that include hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, equipment leakage and ground fault circuit breakers.

Force Sense Resistor

Thin, flexible, and resilient Force Sense Resistors . Low cost and easy integration make them a great choice for scalable projects

HMI Components

A broad line of intuitive human interface components and custom solutions that make life simpler, safer and more efficient.

HMI Encoders

Standard products include mechanical, optical and hall effect encoders

Integrated Tower & Masts

Mechanical, pneumatic and galvanized steel towers assemblies and trailers allow higher payload capacity without sacrificing speed or performance serving efficency on the ground.

Mirror Systems

Monitor System

Mouse, Pointing, & Touchpad Solutions

Integrated mouse modules & pointing solutions can add touch pad or 360-degree pointing control to virtually any electronic device.

Pan and Tilt positionner

Position Sensors

Interlink Electronics’ Position Sensors can be leveraged to create devices that not only detect touch, but also the position of that touch.

Pushbutton Switches

Pushbuttons employ a variety of contact mechanisms, circuitry, mounting and termination options.

Rack & Cabinets

Rack, Cabinet, Subrack, Chassis and accessories such as board retention & Extractors.

Rotary Joint & Hybrid Components

Rotary Switches

Single and Multi-deck rotary switches with extremely rugged construction and virtually limitless configurations

Slip Rings

Switch Guards & Panel Plugs


HMI Switches including combination, battery disconnect, mini & sub-mini switches

Touch Encoders

Touch Encoder combines the functionality of conventional touch displays, keypads and rotary switches


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