Distributing and maintaining scientific equipment for nearly 40 years

Milexia France has been distributing and maintaining scientific equipment for nearly 40 years in France, Walloon Belgium, Luxembourg, French-speaking Switzerland and occasionally in the Maghreb countries.

We are the French-speaking partner of world-renowned companies, Hitachi High Tech for electron microscopy, FIBs, Thermo Scientific for X-ray microanalysis, Sensofar for optical profilometry, Rigaku for diffraction and elementary analysis equipment dedicated to the semiconductor industry.

We are able to offer our customers complete solutions with a single point of contact for sales, applications and after-sales support. We benefit from recognised experience acquired in contact with production units, particularly in the field of semiconductors.

Scientific Instrumentation product groups

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Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

The best solution instruments for anyone working with nano‑scale materials, chemistry, or physics.

Electron Microscopy Consumables

We have a wide selection of consumables for TEM and SEM sample preparation.

Focused Ion Beam

High-precision Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopes (FIB-SEM) with real-time SEM observation


Non-contact 3D surface profilers and integrable solutions to provide you with a tool that increases the quality of your products.

SEM Accessories

Accessories to provide the latest capabilities for your Electron Microscopy instruments

Sample preparation equipment for SEM

Cryo preparation systems, carbon coaters, glow discharge and critical point dryers to maximize resolutions

Sample preparation equipment for TEM

Sample preparation equipment for TEM

Scanning Acoustic Tomography

Non-destructive equipment for detecting and imaging microscopic structures or defects inside semiconductors and electronic components.

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Standard and variable pressure scanning electron microscopes (SEM & VP-SEM), ultra high resolution cold cathode or hot cathode (FEG-SEM), with innovative electron optics and signal detection systems offering unmatched imaging and analysis performance.

Surface Analysis

SIMS, AES and XPS Surface Analysis equipment

TEM Accessories

MET Cameras, sample holders for high quality imaging

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

A range of high and low voltage TEMs to characterise structure and chemical samples composition in materials science and the characteristics of cells in biology or medicine

X-Ray Fluorescence

The latest in general purpose micro spot energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer microscopes for the measurement and mapping of elements from sodium through to uranium.

X-Ray Microanalysis (EDX) & Microfluorescence X (μXRF)

Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis is an ideal complement to the scanning or transmission electron microscope. In the case of SEM, EDS can be complemented by WDS (wavelength dispersive X-ray microanalysis), µXRF (X-ray microfluorescence) and EBSD to access structural information.

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