Quality Policy

Milexia’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations is clearly defined for all our employees.

Milexia’s quality policy is highly driven by our commitment to continuous improvement in the development of our activity to maximise our customer’s satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

Our Quality objectives and activities are conducted by these principles:

  • Excellence in the solutions offered to our customers, making access to technology easier, ensuring high quality, reliability and competitiveness.
  • Selecting and managing our key partners who ethically supply reliable and innovative products, that fully satisfy our customer’s needs.
  • Collaboration with all the stakeholders to create trusting, transparent and respectful relationships that satisfy their needs and expectations.
  • Demanding rigor, confidentiality, and integrity in all aspects of our professional activity, supported by impartiality and corporate values.
  • Adjustment and fulfillment of all legal, fiscal, trading and environmental regulations.
  • Commitment to our team by developing their skills through training, enhancing their expertise, encouraging their participation and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace that upholds human rights.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes through learning from experience and the analysis of risks and opportunities of our management system.
  • Develop our business responsibly by investing, designing, managing and planning sustainable growth.

To support this policy, each company within Milexia has a certified Quality Management System that complies with internationally recognised standards and applicable regulatory requirements.

Maria Gonzalez Müller, Chief Compliance Officer

Updated: September 2022