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At Milexia, our staff members are at the forefront of what we do and what we achieve. If you want to discuss your product requirements, then please get in touch.

Jean-Jacques Cressan Chief Financial Officer

Jean-Jacques Cressan Chief Financial Officer

Jean-Jacques has more than 34 years of professional experience in financial auditing and corporate finance, thanks to his master’s degree in finance, audit and management.

After working for a dozen years in audit firms in France and abroad, he moved to the Paris region to become manager of the accounting, financial information system and consolidation of 35 subsidiary companies of the Vivendi group and Canal Plus.

While he was carrying out the mergers of these companies with his team members, he prepared an MBA at the University of Paris-Dauphine – PSL in part time for 22 months. It was at this time that he joined Milexia to become the group’s CFO, working on the integration of subsidiaries through external growth of companies in Italy, Spain, England and Germany.

He has been working on the Milexia group’s financial management, financial control, reporting to management, shareholders and banks for the past fifteen years. Until 2022, he will work on HRM, information systems, legal and general administration of the French subsidiary.

Laure El Mhadder Sales Director, Electronics

Laure El Mhadder Sales Director, Electronics

Laure joined Milexia in 2007 , she is managing sales and marketing team within Milexia France delivering solutions into Microwave & RF, Time & Frequency, Test & Measurements, HiRel, Embedded & Power technologies.

She has proven experience in sales, building long term relationship with partners and in developing new business with many track records, connecting our state-of-the-art technical solutions to serve the leaders into the French industries.

Laure has a master’s engineering degree in Electrical, Electronic and computer sciences from Cachan (Paris) and Heriot-Watt Edimburgh (Scotland) universities.

Thierry Grenut Sales Director, Scientific Instrumentation

Thierry Grenut Sales Director, Scientific Instrumentation

Thierry joined Milexia (formerely Elexience) in 1991, and has more than 30 years of experience into microscopy field. Thierry holds a degree in electronics from Paris-Sud Université.

He started with electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, mechanical profilers and became a SEM product specialist. He was also in charge of demonstration on SEM at Milexia’s facilities and on customers sites. He expanded the portfolio of SEM & TEM accessories such as sample preparation, accessories, X-Ray Microanalysis thanks to strategic long terms partnerships.

Thierry developed and gathered micoscopy users in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg around Milexia’s vision to create a large community animated by marketing plans and strategies while strenghtening sales and applications teams.

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Associations & partners


Syndicate Professionnel de la Distribution en Electronique Industrielle

The purpose of the union is to defend and promote the profession of franchised distributors.

Since 1972, it has represented the profession to the public authorities and economic partners.

  • To represent the industrial electronics distribution sector,
  • To promote and defend the franchised distributors in order to ensure good conditions for their development,
  • Supporting companies in their efforts and clarifying the application of regulations.

More information: Charte Qualité


Comité Interprofesionnel des Fournisseurs de Laboratoire

Created in 1960, the CIFL – Comité Interprofessionnel des Fournisseurs de Laboratoire – is a professional association of suppliers of laboratory products, services and instruments in the fields of research, analysis and control on the French market. Its purpose is to defend the collective interests of the laboratory profession and its members.

The CIFL provides many services to its members: training and information, monitoring of standards and regulations in the sector – WEEE, transport of hazardous materials, Bertrand law, REACH, etc.


La Société Française des Microscopies

The French Society of Microscopies is a learned society whose objective is to develop and promote microscopy. It succeeded in 1998 to the French Society of Electron Microscopy (SFME) created in 1959. Scientists from various disciplines: physics, biology, medicine, chemistry, metallurgy, mineralogy, etc. founded the SFME on the basis of the use of a common apparatus. The SFµ is an original scientific forum bringing together a wide range of skills in different fields of microscopy: electron microscopy, photonics, X-rays, proximity microscopy etc., a source of fruitful exchanges during the meetings.


Société Belge de Microscopie

RBSM est une organisation à but non lucratif. Son seul objectif est de promouvoir les initiatives de microscopie.

Le conseil RBSM sert d’interface entre le conseil d’administration et l’assemblée générale. Le Conseil établit des freins et des contrepoids pour les actions du conseil d’administration et appuie la révision des candidatures des membres.


Groupement National de Microscopie Electronique à Balayage et de microAnalyses.

The Group was created in 1961 by Raimond CASTAING as one of the technical commissions of the Association Nationale de la Recherche Technique under the name “MICROSONDE”. This Group n°8 of the ANRT brought together the French-speaking users of the “electronic microprobe”, better known in France as the “Castaing microprobe” after its inventor.

Since then, to reflect the evolution of techniques and a broadening of its areas of interest, the Group was successively renamed “Microsonde et Microscopie à balayage” in 1975, then “Microanalyse et microscopie à balayage” in 1997, “Microscopie électronique à balayage et Microanalyses”.

It became independent in 2001 in the form of a scientific and non-profit association and took the name of Groupement National de Microscopie Electronique à Balayage et de microAnalyses.

Following the signature of a cooperation agreement between the French Physical Society and the GN-MEBA, any paying member of the GN-MEBA is also a member of the SFP.

The GN-MEBA Group has more than 500 members in about 200 laboratories.


  • to promote exchanges between users,
  • propose and organise the updating of knowledge,
  • follow the evolution of related techniques,
  • disseminate information to the members of the Group,
  • facilitate relations between users and manufacturers

To find out more:

Club MEB

Association Midi-Pyrénéenne de Micro et Nano Caractérisations

Today, the means of characterising materials are very numerous and regularly undergo important technological innovations. It therefore seemed interesting to bring together people concerned by all the techniques linked to the micro and nano characterisation of materials in the broad sense. This is how CLUB MEB was born, from the association of users located in the South-West of France, from Perpignan to Limoges, via Toulouse.

The activity of the association is summed up in 2 meetings per year scheduled on the 3rd Thursday of March and October. The objective is to allow its members to exchange information on a particular technique or on defined themes, chosen in consultation, concerning one of the aspects of characterisation. Moreover, these meetings take place in different structures, both research and industrial, which allows to discover the working environment of the professions related to the characterisation of materials.

The richness of the exchanges lies in the diversity of the activities of the participants, both academic and industrial, who compare their experience of problems encountered in various fields.


Ecosystem is an eco-organism providing different solutions that support recycling and recovering of waste.

Our different activities linked to distribution, production, but also maintenance of Scientific Instrumentation generates waste ad can’t be ignored; a suitable solution must be found in order to reduce at the highest level the impact.

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