A whole technical team is available and are regularly trained by our Partners to solve potential issues with your equipment.

They have more than 30 years of experience. We have two offices in France, in the south of Paris and Grenoble.

Our team is composed of 14 field engineers located in different areas of France, enabling us to cover the whole country and respond fast to your requests.

Our objective is to intervene in less than 48 hours for production control equipment, and less than 72 hours for laboratory equipment. This target is set by our quality team as part of the ISO9001 certification.

Near Paris, our technical cell is available for returns and issues we cannot solve directly on your site, which need a deeper examination by our experts.

We also have a permanent stock of spare parts, allowing us to be reactive to maintain your Embedded system, Timing solutions & Scientific instrumentation, and make it operational again quickly.

Choose Safety

We offer many types of maintenance contracts, either corrective or preventive. You can ask us directly by going to Support in France

14 field engineers located in different areas of France

Intervention & Returns

If you are facing some issues with your computing or electronic equipment, such as visual defects, or broken parts.

Keep on moving

We have a vision. We are agile by proactively embracing change, being committed to improvement.

Strong industry experience…

You can be almost certain our people will have seen something similar to whatever you want to do – in your sector or beyond – so you’ll get expert advice on the best products for your application.



Scientific instrumentation maintenance - Milexia

Scientific Instrumentation

Support Simplified

When you need technical support, we’ll give it to you – the best there is. Fast, relaible, skilled and experinced, you can trust us to provide the right answers and the best solutions.

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