Bernier – Designer and manufacturer of connectors for harsh environments

We are pleased to announce the new partnership with  BERNIER,  supplier of connectors for hostile environments


CMA series : BERNIER has designed the CMA line specifically for equipment in hostile environments. CMA connectors are available with 04, 06, 10, 14 and 22 contacts, their robustness and ergonomics are appreciated in a wide range of applications.



CMASD series :  this line has the same popular features as CMA connectors in a smaller shell in which up to 8 contacts can be inserted. The robustness of these connectors is suitable for applications such as headsets and telephony and their structure allows the passage of data at high speed.



CMALD series :  this line has the same appreciated characteristics as the CMA connectors with a slightly larger shell size that allows for the insertion of up to 36 contacts. This cap size is also ideal for configurations with different contact sizes.



MMC Series :  These connectors are specially designed for small space systems or wearable equipment. The design is robust to operate in hostile environments and are available in a 24-contact version to be used for high-speed data transmissions.

PAM series  : specially designed for communication devices used in the field. These compact connectors can be configured with 7 and 10 contacts to allow the connection of accessories on tactical or radio equipment. The spring contact technology of this line offers excellent contact resistance and an effective self-cleaning function.

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