General Suppliers Requirements

This document is to be considered as integral part of the purchase order issued by MILEXIA; it lists and describes all general conditions which have to be met by supplier.

These conditions of purchase will apply to all supplies and services performed by a Supplier to MILEXIA, unless other agreements are in force and / or not applicable.

If the commercial conditions of the Supplier contradict our general conditions, those will only apply when MILEXIA has explicitly given its consent in writing. The acceptance of supplies or provision of services and even their payment do not signify any approval of the general requirements for suppliers.

  1. For all the duration of the supplying / contract, supplier guarantee the required quality standard, for which such specific supplier has been recognized and approved by MILEXIA. Supplier will inform MILEXIA in due time, of any expiry or suspension of certifications / qualifications of their General Quality System.
  2. Supplier has the responsibility to keep an efficient management of all technical documentation given by MILEXIA. Supplier has also to guarantee a correct management and control of the configuration of the relevant product and will keep all due registrations in order to guarantee traceability.
  3. Supplier, if not already developed, shall implement a quality management system
  4. Supplier must keep all quality records referred to the supply to MILEXIA (production and control), for at least 10 years from the date of production / supply of the product(s), as well as testing and inspection, if applicable.
  5. Supplier will notify MILEXIA of any change in production process, change of production plants, etc., which could impact on quality and security of the product(s).
  6. Supply has to be performed in accordance with product configuration required in purchase order. Any change has to be agreed and approved by MILEXIA in advance, and its application must be indicated on shipping documents.
  7. Supplier must inform MILEXIA, in due time, of any non-compliance of the product. Any eventual non-compliant product might be shipped to MILEXIA only after formal acceptance from MILEXIA; the eventual non-conformity acceptance, will have to be indicated on transport documents.
  8. Supplier, when requested, shall use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources.
  9. Supplier will provide certificates of conformity or test reports, as applicable.
  10. Supplier will not use suspicious, unapproved and counterfeit pieces.
  11. When it is not clearly mentioned on the order, the specifications / regulations, or any other technical documentation mentioned in the purchase order itself, is meant to be referred to the last applicable revision index.
  12. Supplier must ensure that staff are aware of their contribution to product conformity and safety and of the importance of ethical behavior towards all stakeholders.
  13. Products have to be packed in such a way as to be protected from any damage resulting from transport and handling.
  14. Supplier must guarantee, within its own security regulation free access to their sites, to MILEXIA representatives, to MILEXIA’s customer, and to any possible Civilian or Military Authority. A written notice will be sent in advance.
  15. Our suppliers must conduct their business with respect to the principles of the Ethical Trading. This includes full consideration to basic human rights, acting in an ethical manner and in compliance with all basic legal requirements. These principles must include the following, although it’s not only limited to:
    • Employment is freely chosen, not forced, bonded or involuntary.
    • Working conditions are adequate to national health and safety requirements.
    • Child labour is not used. Milexia Ibérica or its suppliers will not recruit child labour.
    • Living wages are paid equal to or above the national legal minimum standards.
    • Working hours are not excessive in accordance with national legal standards.
    • No discrimination is practised in recruitment, compensation, training, opportunities on the grounds of race, nationality, religion, age, gender, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.
    • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed, including physical, verbal and sexual threats, abuse, harassment or intimidation.