This October, the Milexia team will be attending the very first Defence in Space Conference. This event is being held at 155 Bishopsgate in London from the 3rd to 4th of October and we’re excited to be playing our part.

This new two-day event will be tackling a wide range of subjects from industry, government as well as academia. Topics such as MilSatcom, Space Security and Space-Based Navigation, to name just a few, will be covered and it promises to be an extremely insightful event on what defence in space will look like in the future.

Milexia are European leaders in the field of New Space, New Ground, Satellite and Broadcast Communication CPI master European distribution – VSAT antennas and Sub-systems, so we simply had to be at this event.

With our range of specialist skills and our in-depth experience, we are now market leaders in network communication between ground and space.

We will be showcasing some of our leading products in this arena at the event, so we invite you to join us on Stand 17 to find our more about the exciting range of services and solutions we offer.

Multi-band multi-orbit solutions from Milexia

We make access to NEW SPACE easier with our range of satellite ground station equipment for IoT, fixed and transportable applications for LEO MEO and GEO  orbits for Satcom-on-the-move and Satcom-on-the-pause.

Milexia provide a range of tactical terminals that are typically used in the field by soldiers, first responders and other personnel who require immediate and reliable access to information for critical decision-making activities.  Some of the key features include robustness, resilience, and interoperability. These capabilities allow personnel from different organizations to communicate with each other, even in the event of technological failures or other challenges.

The Milexia range of military and government communication systems play a critical role in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of military and government operations and help to improve situational awareness and decision-making in high-stress, rapidly changing situations as well as welfare applications.

Products on display at the Defence in Space event include:

Milexia offers the RESA M


Milexia offers the RESA M an Electronically Scanned Antenna – fully integrated satellite terminal.

RESA M is a fully integrated phased array flat panel antenna terminal suitable for Satcom-On- The-Move over LEO/MEO/GEO constellations. Designed with an increased transmit capability over RESA S, this member of the RESA family of flat panel satellite terminals, can be used as a stand- alone product or used in a mesh configuration with several RESA terminals. This configuration is suitable for ManPack or Vehicle Mount applications.


Mlexia’s COTM-40-1


Mlexia’s COTM-40-1 is a state-of-the-art Ka-Band Satcom-on-the-Move antenna that provides reliable and secure communication for military and government applications.

The antenna features a low-profile design, high-gain performance, and fast-tracking capabilities that enable seamless connectivity in challenging environments. The COTM-40-1 is compatible with various satellite platforms and modems and supports data rates up to 50 Mbps. Whether it is mounted on a vehicle, or vessel, the COTM-40-1 delivers high-quality communication for mission-critical operations.

It uses the latest technology to deliver a high-performance, low-profile and tuneless system that can operate in any polarisation mode.

The antenna system consists of a waveguide array that provides wide band coverage and eliminates the need for external polarisers. It also has a four-port design that supports dual-polarisation without compromising efficiency.

The antenna platform is stabilised by a sophisticated combination of servo drives, brushless motors, absolute digital encoders, GNSS enhanced inertial AHRS and RF/Inertial sensor fusion algorithm. This ensures accurate and reliable pointing in dynamic environments.

Scorpion-lite on Intelsat FlexMove

Satcom as a Managed Service (SaaMS)

The Scorpion-Lite on Intelsat FlexMove is the ultimate solution for your satcom needs. It is a highly integrated terminal that combines an IP modem/router, a power supply and an antenna in one single IATA compliant case. This means you can take it anywhere in the world without worrying about extra baggage fees or compatibility issues.

The Scorpion-lite is small and lightweight, but powerful and reliable. It can provide you with high-speed data and voice communication in any environment, whether you are in the desert, the jungle or metropolitan regions.

The Scorpion-lite is easy to set up and operate, with a user-friendly interface and a rugged design. Whether you need to send an email, make a phone call, stream a video or access a secure network.

Join Milexia at Stand 17 and see what the future has in store