Simplifying Support

Our leading specialists are here to help ensure that your products and applications give optimum performance.

Their skills are available to you, so that you can be sure that when you buy a product or system from us, it will do what it says on the box.

We’re proud of our track record of supporting our customers and Partners. No matter how critical or complex the issue, we will ensure the best outcome for you.

Keep on moving – Milexia

Keep on moving

We have a vision. We are agile by proactively embracing change, being committed to improvement.

Support Simplified

When you need technical support, we’ll give it to you – the best there is. Fast, reliable, skilled and experienced, you can trust us to provide the right answers and the best solutions.


Our variety of training courses are tailored to meet your needs and can help to maximise your investment.

Whether you are looking for a technology refresh, a complete applications overview or a more specific equipment course, we will certainly look to suit your needs. Our highly trained technicians have received full training from many Partners to provide quick repair and turnaround, where possible.


When your equipment and systems don’t run according to plan, we can quickly access and where necessary offer a full Repair and Maintenance package to get you back up and running again.

Our fully ESD controlled workshop, based in the UK, can not only repair to module level, but our highly trained engineers can fault find to component level. In our Environmental Test Facility we can provide temperature cycling and profiling.


Milexia has designed and implemented satellite networks based upon; SCPC, TDMA, Vipersat and DVB platforms, and in each case, we carefully consider the key requirements of the customer to understand the best solution.

Technical Support

We are first and foremost a solutions provider, which gives us an inbuilt engineering capability.

We can assist you with configuration issues, technical advice, we can discuss technical difficulties and help to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Strong industry experience…

You can be almost certain our people will have seen something similar to whatever you want to do – in your sector or beyond – so you’ll get expert advice on the best products for your application.

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