An outdoor PoE switch that enables the connection of four powered devices to a network such as an outdoor WLAN, outdoor IP camera, or outdoor P2P radio

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The 4 port outdoor PoE switch provides up to 60 Watts of power over Ethernet and offers a IEEE 802.3at-compliant solution for outdoor WLANs, outdoor IP cameras, or outdoor P2P radios. With VLAN and RADIUS support, the PDS-104GO brings improved security and performance.

It provides better safety through centralised management of user profiles and authorised system access. By regulating network traffic in each VLAN, the switch offers increased network performance. There is no need to open the unit during installation. Deployment is simple and straightforward.

In addition, it enables remote monitoring and control of the devices’ status, including remote reset. The switch extends the reach between the switch and powered devices by an additional 100 meters, to a maximum of 200 meters—a major benefit in many applications. It offers lightning protection to the switch itself and to the indoor network.

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