Politica per la salute e la sicurezza

Keeping People Safe To Protect The Future of All Stakeholders

Milexia is committed on maintaining the health, safety and welfare of our employees. Our goal is to prevent all work-related accidents, injuries and material losses while providing a continuous service to our customers.

Milexia’s executive team is responsible for ensuring that all health and safety matters are efficiently promoted, implemented and managed by the Company and its employees.

To implement this Policy the Company will:

  • Comply with all national and international regulations applicable to our business.
  • Allocate resources, promote accountability and assign responsibilities to ensure an environment where health and safety protection are continuously improving.
  • Develop the necessary knowledge, skills and competence of our people through external and internal training according to their role and responsibility.
  • Identify and manage risks and hazards to ensure the safety of our people and operational integrity.
  • Promote awareness and initiatives to inspire good health and safety practices.

Employees and stakeholders are to refrain from any action or omission that constitutes a hazard. If anyone becomes aware of any situation or practice that may endanger any person or property, the Company is to be notified immediately to take the appropriate actions to mitigate such risk.

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated, if necessary, on a regular basis to ensure it reflects our needs. Any changes will be communicated to employees

Maria Gonzalez Müller, Chief Compliance Officer

Updated: September 2022