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Milexia are leaders in the field of Satellite and Broadcast Communication

Through strategic merger and acquisition the Milexia Group has positioned itself as one of the European leaders in the field of Satellite Communication.

European leaders in the field of Satellite Communications

Milexia can offer world leading distribution products as well as design and manufacture satellite uplink/ receive systems for use by governments, international media organisations, military, oil and gas industries, disaster recovery, web streamers and medical organisations for DSNG, VSAT and other internet-over-satellite and data applications.


Milexia delivers state of the art broadcast uplink solutions for many of the major news teams around the world, with our traditional Broadcaster products or the latest in IP content delivery with our Multi Bearer News gathering solutions (MBNG).

Military & Government

We provide a range of tactical satcoms terminals, enabling tactical communications, especially up to the second orders and territory information, to be conveyed from one command, person or place to another, within a tactical force.

Disaster Recovery

Supporting first responders and rescue teams with a range of VSAT satellite antennas for critical communications in the emergency response market. With vehicle or ground mounted systems that are self-contained, simple and reliable in hot, dusty and wet conditions.

Oil and Gas Industries

We manufacture and supply systems for use by DSNG operators, governments, international media organisations, oil and gas industries, medical applications and the disaster recovery sector.

Inspiring trust

We are reliable and work with integrity, we are focused on what we say and do taking responsibility and ownership.

Product spotlight The Scorpion-Lite

The Scorpion-Lite from Holkirk is a fully integrated satcom terminal and has been designed to be a compact ‘carry-on’ system that will allow the user access on most airlines and fits neatly into the over-head luggage compartment with all that is needed for a complete satellite uplink.

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The UK’s largest supplier of satellite ground station equipment products

Milexia has the experience and the capability not only to supply world class products for distribution but also to design and build sub-systems & racks to meet your every requirements.

Milexia offers a range of satellite uplink systems (both fixed and mobile), RF amplifiers and conversion, video modulation and encoding, and full engineering turnkey solutions.

We are the UK’s leading supplier of satellite ground station equipment for fixed, transportable and flyaway applications.

When you want a knowledgeable company, who partner with the leading companies, we will be ready to deliver their products to meet your needs.

Satellite ground station equipment

Milexia is the UK's leading supplier of satellite ground station equipment for fixed, transportable and flyaway applications.
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Market specific knowledge and skills

Milexia work with a wide range of industries that we have experienced providing us with market specific knowledge and skills.
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    Maintenance and Support

    When systems and software don’t run according to plan, we shall quickly assess the situation and get you back up and running at the earliest opportunity.

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