More Resources in Low-Density Devices with the Lowest Power, Proven Security and Exceptional Reliability

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IGLOO® 2 Flash FPGA devices are ideal for general-purpose functions such as Gigabit Ethernet or dual PCI Express® control planes, bridging functions, input/output (I/O) expansion and conversion, video/image processing, system management and secure connectivity.

They are used in applications for the communications, industrial, medical, defense and aviation markets.

Key Benefits and Advantages

  • PCIe® Gen 2 support in 10K Logic Elements (LEs)
  • High-performance memory subsystem
  • Highest I/O density
  • Lowest power
  • Reduce total power by ~20–40%
  • 70 mW per 5G SerDes (PCIe Gen 2)
  • Proven security
  • Protection from overbuilding and cloning
  • Secure boot for FPGA and processor
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Single Event Upset (SEU) immune, zero Failure-in-Time (FIT) rate Flash FPGA configuration
  • Excellent option for safety-critical and mission-critical systems
IGLOO 2 FPGA Architecture


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