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H-Pico Heights™ Remote Gateway

Supports multiple remote to hub throughput tiers up to 10 Mbps, which is managed via a centralized licensing capability.

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The H-Pico Heights Remote Gateway supports multiple remote to hub throughput tiers up to 10 Mbps, which is managed via a centralized licensing capability.

This scheme allows users to standardize on a single remote platform for low to medium capacity sites, simplifying stocking and sparing.

Additionally, H-Pico supports inbound hub to remote symbol rates up to 500 Msps with standards- based DVB-S2X MODCODs supporting up to 256APSK.

Heights Dynamic Network Access (H-DNA)

H-DNA is an evolutionary dynamic network access technology designed for Heights return links that:

• Rapidly adapts to changing environments
• Delivers superior efficiency & Quality of Experience (QoE)
• Instantly assigns capacity based on network-wide demand
• Intelligently utilizes total network bandwidth at all times

H-DNA is designed to provide network wide fast switching on a sub-second interval making the process seamless and transparent to end users for real-time as well as non real-time applications.

H-DNA leverages Comtech’s high performance VersaFEC-2 waveforms with ACM, dynamic power control, high performance packet processing, network wide multi-tier QoS and IP optimization technology to enable unprecedented bandwidth efficiency and superior QoE. H-DNA fast switching and bandwidth allocation mechanism allows a Heights network to respond rapidly to changing traffic and link conditions while maintaining lowest latency and jitter for superior QoE and maximum bandwidth utilization efficiency.

H-DNA is fast, flexible and uncompromising, delivering unprecedented benefits to users and service providers alike.

Common Applications
•  Mobile Backhaul
•  Offshore Communications
•  Latency Sensitive Business Applications
•  IP Trunking & Internet Access
•  Satellite News Gathering
•  Content Distribution Networks


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