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Touch & Gesture Products

Capacitive Touch Controllers, Microcontrollers with Touch and 3D Gesture Controllers

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Upgrade your product to include an innovative, modern and attractive user interface. Replacing mechanical push buttons with a touch or gesture controlled interface is an excellent way to add value and advanced features to your application, increase customer appeal and improve your product’s performance and reliability.

Milexia partners Microchip offer solutions for every type of application. From single buttons to touchpads and touchscreens to proximity detection and 3D gesture control for a huge assortment of consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Products include turnkey capacitive touch controllers, touch libraries for implementing touch sensing on most PIC®, AVR® and SAM microcontrollers (MCUs) and single-chip solutions for adding gesture recognition to almost any product. Overcome noisy environments, reduce power consumption in wearables and other power-sensitive designs, support functional safety requirements and implement touch in wet environments or for gloved fingers.

Touch and Gesture Solutions:

  • 1D Buttons, Sliders, Wheels and Proximity
  • 2D Touchpads and Touchscreens
  • 2D/3D Touch and Gesture-Controlled HMIs
  • 3D Gesture Control

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