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AC/DC 4000W Configurable Product

Ce produit est disponible auprès de Milexia France, Milexia Italia and Milexia UK

The PowerPAC4K from Milexia partners Power System Technology is a high power density configurable AC-DC power supply, up to 4000W, fan cooled, incorporating EMI filtering, transient protection, output protections, robust mechanical package and connections required in most of severe environment for industrial, railways, defense type of applications.

The Power Factor Correction (PFC) front end provides high power density and a high efficiency thanks to the integration of an interleaved boost conversion.

The output converterPAC’s, inserted in the 8 slots, can be configured in single or dual outputs allowing up to 16 different outputs from 3V3 to 48Vdc.

They can be put in parrallel or serialised for high power configuration and integrate individual control and monitoring.

PowerPAC4K is a very scalable power supply for industrial, test & measurement and can be ruggedised for more severe environments.

  • Description : Configurable AC-DC power supply
  • Type : AC-DC
  • Input : 85-265Vac, 47-63Hz or 85-135Vac, 360-440Hz (consult for DC input)
  • Output : 1 to 16 outputs
  • Output voltages : From 3V3 to 48Vdc
  • Power : 4000W max.
  • Particularity : modular, high density
  • Standards : Built to meet EN61000-3-2, EN55022B or MIL-STD461E CE102, MIL-STD810E
  • Application : Ideal for numerous voltage and high power density
  • Dimensions : 86 x 153.5 x 305mm

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