PolarFire® Mid-Range FPGAs

Lowest-Power, Cost-Optimized, Mid-Range FPGAs

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Award-winning PolarFire® FPGAs from Milexia partners Microchip deliver the industry’s lowest power at mid-range densities with exceptional security and reliability.  This family of products spans from 100K Logic Elements (LEs) to 500K LEs, features 12.7G transceivers and offers up to 50% lower power than competing mid-range FPGAs.

Key Benefits of PolarFire® FPGAs:


Cost-Optimized Architecture

  • Architecture and process optimizations for 100K/500K LE devices
  • Transceiver performance optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields smaller size
  • 1.6 Gbps I/Os supporting DDR4/DDR3/LPDDR3, LVDS-hardened I/O gearing logic with CDR (supports SGMII/GbE links on GPIOs)
  • Best-in-class high-performance, hardened security IP in mid-range devices
  • Small form factor 11 × 11 mm package


Power Optimization
  • Lowest static power: 1/10 static power compared to competing devices
  • Transceiver optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields half the power of competing devices
  • Integrated hard IP: DDR PHY, PCIe® endpoint/root port, crypto processor
  • Total power (static and dynamic): up to 50% lower power
PolarFire FPGA Architecture

PolarFire FPGAs are ideal for a wide range of applications within wireline access networks and cellular infrastructure, defense, smart embedded vision, commercial aviation markets, industrial automation and IoT markets.


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