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MCP6D11 differential amplifier

Low-Noise, 90 MHz Differential I/O Amplifier

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The MCP6D11 from Microchip Technology is a lownoise, low-distortion Differential I/O Amplifier optimized for driving high-performance 14-, and 16-Bit SAR ADCs, such as the MCP331x1D ADC family.

Featuring a low 5.0 nV/√Hz input-referred voltage noise and distortion of less than -116 dBc with an input signal of up to 100 kHz (2Vpp), the MCP6D11 consumes only 3.5 mW of quiescent power on a 2.5V supply. For power sensitive applications, a Power-Down function reduces the power consumption to less than 13 µW.

Through its VOCM pin, the MCP6D11 allows easy control of its output common-mode voltage, which can be set independently of the input common-mode voltage. This, coupled with an input common-mode range that extends below the negative supply rail, and a near rail-to-rail output swing capability, results in a simple driver amplifier solution for a variety of ADCs.

The MCP6D11 is the ideal interface solution for converting single-ended, ground-referenced signal sources into a fully differential output signal required to preserve the high performance of today’s ultra-low distortion, single-supply ADCs.

Low Power

  • Iq of only 1.4 mA typical
  • Operating voltage range from 2.5V to 5.5V

High Speed

  • Gain-bandwidth product: 90 MHz
  • Slew rate: 25 V/us
  • Fast settling: 200 ns to 0.01%

Easy to Use

  • Low offset: 150 uV maximum
  • Rail-to-rail output
  • Input common mode range includes negative rail
  • Power-down function
  • Small Packages: 8-pin MSOP, 16-pin 3×3 QFN
  • Extended temperature: -40 to +125C


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