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Antenna Interface Module (AIM)

Antenna Interface Module (AIM) from Holkirk is a fully mobile ACU that has been designed to be user friendly, taking users through he acquisition process step by step.

This ACU can be supplied as part of any Holkirk atenna or as a retro-fit to existing antenna systems as part of a project.

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The new Antenna Interface Module (AIM) developed by Holkirk assists with the automatic acquisition process.

The controller can be used on a range of Holkirk products that are available with auto-pointing capabilities.

AIM was designed to be user friendly, taking users through the acquisition process set by step, showing the user what stage of acquisition the antenna is at using graphics.

These graphics will also identify at which stage acquisition has failed and give advice on how to resolve the issue.

AIM is suitable for users with little or lots of training.  The acquisition process can be as easy as a click of a button but AIM also offers the ability for engineers to alter acquisition data as they wish.

AIM is a great asset to have, making acquisitions seamless and easy for everyone. watch our video below for a run-through of how the AIM controller works.

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