SEM Specimen Current EBIC Amplifier

Microscope Accessory Solutions

This product is available from Milexia France

The Specimen Current-EBIC Amplifier is designed to operate with small currents absorbed by the sample in a Scanning Electron Microscope.

It gives accurate absorbed current measurements but will also provide images over a wide range of probe currents. At the higher probe currents, TV rate images are possible, and at slow scan, low noise images can be produced. A differential input capability permits the specimen to be floated by up to 5 volts from ground.


  • Output video level to suit SEM
  • Current Ranges 10-5A to 10-11A:
  • Display 3-digit LED with range displays and over–range indication
  • Size 210mm(W) x 130mm(H) x 290mm(D)
  • Separate Preamplifier
  • Power, 100, 120, 220 & 230v AC 50/60Hz
  • Warranty Period: 12 months from date of purchase
  • Optional electrical feed-troughs and specimen holders to suit Different applications & SEMs



Features and variations

  • Absorbed current measurement
  • Absorbed current imaging
  • EBIC imaging

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