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Rotary Switches Series 19 – Single Deck

Single Deck Rotary Switch with 2″ Diameter and 15 Amp

This product is available from Milexia France, Milexia Iberica, Milexia Italia and Milexia UK

Grayhill rotary switches – Single Deck series 19 with 2″ Diameter and 15 Amp.


  • UL Recognized
  • Rugged Construction
  • Choice of Termination

Electrical Rating

Rated: UL Recognition: File Number E35289 15 Amps, 120 Vac, non-inductive load.One Amp, 120 Vdc, non-inductive load.

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

Additional Grayhill Rating: 7.5 Amps, 220 Vac, non-inductive load. This rating is based on the following criteria: Overload—50 operations at 125% rated ac load and 150% rated DC load. Endurance—6000 operations at rated load with 900 Vac dielectric strength before and after test. Temperature Rise — Not to exceed30°C when carrying rated ac load after endurance test. Contacts will carry 20 Amps at 115 VAC with 30°C maximum temperature rise.

Contact Resistance: (Measured at 2 Vdcand approximately 100 mA) for new switch approximately 10 milliohms.

Insulation Resistance: Approximately 100,000 Mohms. Between mutually insulated parts.

Voltage Breakdown: Approximately 2500 Vac between mutually insulated parts.

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