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Mechanical Encoders

Mechanical encoders combine the feel of rotary switches with a digital output.

Optical Encoders

Optical encoders that provide excellent tactile feedback to the user

Circuit Breakers

I/O Modules

I/O modules in the industry standard sizes of mini, standard and G5.

Combination Switches

Combination switches offer the versatility of combining performance with maximum space utilization

Panel & Bezels

Battery Disconnect Switches

Designed to minimize battery drain and ensure maintenance personnel safety

Mini & Submini Switches

Lines include rocker, paddle, toggle, pushbutton, and slide switches


Flashers and Tower Lighting Controls.

Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers provide highly precise, reliable and cost-effective solutions to most design challenges.

Thermal Circuit Breakers

Include lighted and non-lighted, rocker and push-to-reset actuator options with UL and European approvals

Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Controllers & Microprocessors

Effortless Embedded Control Solutions

Display & Screens

3D displays are built for the rugged conditions and harsh environments


Light poles and tripods that are designed to work when you need them.

Pan & Tilt

Pan and Tilt Positioner Controller with Real-Time Positioner Feedback

Telescopic Masts & Towers

A complete line of standard and custom built telescopic masts


Controllable Drive Actuators

Camera Systems

Camera elevation solutions that allow a camera to be positioned at heights from 6 ft. to 30 ft. above a vehicle roof


Toggle Switches

Toggle Switches are available in industry standard designs to allow for easy integration.

Hall Effect Switches

Magnetically detects the position of another moving part such as the shaft in a joystick or encoder


Man-Machine Interface (MMI) Controllers

Sealed Switches


A rugged solution for countless applications.

Rocker Switches

Rocker switches from Grayhill, available in industry standard designs to allow for easy integration.

Joystick with Centred Pushbutton

a single pole, 4-way toggle switch with a pushbutton in the center position.

Butt Contact Pushbutton Switches – Series 04

MIL qualified to exacting electrical, mechanical and environmental standards.

Snap Action Joysticks – Series 04JT

Series 04JT is a single pole, 4-way toggle switch with a tactile feel

Touch & Gesture Products

Capacitive Touch Controllers, Microcontrollers with Touch and 3D Gesture Controllers

3D101 Series – CANbus Display for Vehicles

3D101 Series with a 10.1-inch display meet the ISO and ANSI specifications

3D2104 Series CANbus Display

10.4-inch Display for Vehicles, ideal for gauges, diagnostics, cameras, guidance and other vehicle functions

3D32 – Graphic MicroDisplay

Easily display custom graphic icons, text boxes and active gauge elements.

3KG1 Series – CANbus Keypads

CANbus Keypads suitable for off-road vehicles in Agriculture and Construction.

3KG2 Series – Generation 2 CANbus Keypads

The 3KG2 Series 2nd generation MMI CANbus keypads have the same benefits of the legacy products with added new features

Rotary Switches Series 50-51 - Single Deck

Rotary Switch Series 50-51 Single Deck

Grayhill Series 50-51 0.5″ Diameter, 200mA, .698″ Behind Panel

Rotary Switch Series 19 - Single Deck

Rotary Switches Series 19 – Single Deck

Single Deck Rotary Switch with 2″ Diameter and 15 Amp

Rotary Switch series 8 multi deck

Rotary Switch Series 08 – Multi Deck

Rotary Switch – Multi-Deck with 0.5″ Diameter, 1/4 Amp Standard, Military SR13

Touch Encoder

The Grayhill touch Encoder combines the functionality of conventional touch displays, keypads and rotary switches.

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