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The Milexi-SAT

An ultra-light uplink solution from milexia that can be used with our range of Eutelsat broadcast uplink FLY / DRIVE solutions

Questo prodotto è disponibile presso Milexia Deutschland, Milexia France, Milexia Iberica, Milexia Italia and Milexia UK

Designed for the modern news crew and media professionals operating across the globe, the Milexi-SAT is a lightweight uplink solution that can be carried on to any commercial airline as checked luggage.

The base Milexi-SAT is designed to be a compact ½ rack solution with all that is needed for an uplink via our range of broadcast antenna systems.

The Milexi-SAT flight case has been designed to protect your equipment against shock and vibration. The flight case chassis is mounted on eight cylindrical elastomeric anti-vibration mounts.

These are set at a 45° angle to offer optimum shock resistance during handling and transit conditions, regardless of orientation.

The full system will consist of:

TP-series broadcast antenna
•  1.0M – 3 cases
•  1.2M – 5 cases
•  1.5M – 6 cases

HPA and dual band LNB
• 30W/55W (TP100)
• 200W TWT
• 250W GaN

Milexi-SAT Flight case
•  VISLINK DVE6000 encoder
•  Audio Visual monitoring
•  Control for HPA
•  M&C port for Holkirk AIM controller

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