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B Series

Robust Modular Rectangular Connectors

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B Series incorporates the highly reliability Hypertac® hyperboloid contact which provides optimum performance in harsh conditions such as extreme mechanical shock and high mating cycles.

Low insertion/extraction forces

The angle of the socket wires allows tight control of the pin insertion and extraction forces. The spring wires are smoothly deflected to make line contact with the pin.

Long contact life

The smooth and light wiping action minimizes wear on the contact surfaces. Contacts perform up to 100,000 insertion/extraction cycles with minimal degradation in performance.

Lower contact resistance

The design provides a far greater contact area and the wiping action of the wires insures a clean and polished contact surface. Our contact technology has about half
the resistance of conventional contact designs.

Higher current ratings

The design parameters of the contact (e.g., the number, diameter and angle of the wires) may be modified for any requirement. The number of wires can be increased so the
contact area is distributed over a larger surface. Thus, the high current carried by each wire because of its intimate line contact, can be multiplied many times.

Immunity to shock & vibration

The low mass and resultant low inertia of the wires enable them to follow the most abrupt or extreme excursions of the pin without loss of contact. The contact area extends
360° around the pin and is uniform over its entire length. The 3 dimensional symmetry of the Hypertac contact design guarantees electrical continuity in all circumstances.

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