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3DPM0211-1POL Converter

High performance, high reliability, compact size and low weight for Space Applications.

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The 3DPM0211-1 POL Converter provides high performances, high reliability, compact size and low weight for Space Applications.

Featuring radiation effect mitigation techniques and utilizing space design de-rating rules, the 3DPM0211-1 POL Converter is an ITAR Free product that features a SEL/SEE LETth of 80 MeV.cm²/mg and a TID of 50krad (Si).

Based on a Buck topology, the POL module uses a P-Channel Power MOSFET and Schottky Diode stage switching at 400 kHz. From a 5V input, available on most digital systems, the POL converter provides low voltages needed to power most of today’s digital designs. Its output voltage can be adjusted from 1.225V to 3.8V by use of an external resistor.

  • Output current up to 5A
  • Efficiency: 88% (3.3V/3A)
  • Excellent Dynamic Performances
  • Buck Converter Topology
  • Fixed switching frequency (400kHz)
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Input Under-voltage protection
  • Thermal Shutdown and Current Limit protections
  • Power Good signal for Output voltage monitoring
  • Soft Start, ON/OFF Command
  • Space Qualified Technology
  • Radiation Hardened design
    • TID > 50 krad(Si)
    • SEL LET > 80 MeV.cm2/mg
    • SET Immune > 80MeV.cm²/mg
  • Junction Temperature Range -40°C / +125°C
  • 14-pin gull wing SMD
  • ITAR Free Product – Worldwide delivery guaranty
  • Size: 26.5 x 25 x 10 mm
  • Mass: 15 g


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