Since 1998 Netzer Precision Motion Sensors has been designing, manufacturing and supplying high-end absolute position encoders based on the unique Electric Encoder ™ technology


The company offers standard “ready-to-use” products and designs tailored to customer needs.

The product portfolio includes a range of rotary encoders suitable for applications such as DIFFICULT ENVIRONMENTS , INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION and SPACE .

  • HARSH ENVIROMENT: Netzer’s Electric Encoder ™ meets the requirements for use in a wide variety of applications in harsh environments, including space, avionics and defense.
  • INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION : Designed with new Q-Core processing, this product line offers cost-effective OEM position sensors, for industrial and medical robotics, automotive and industrial automation applications.
  • SPACE : Standard and design-to-spec encoders, NASA and ESA compatible with frame-less or encapsulated designs, provide high-precision position sensors for low orbit or space missions.

The unique non-contact core of the electric encoder with “hollow shaft” configuration supports the smallest possible size requirements and improves reliability by eliminating the degradation mechanism.

Among the cutting-edge features: Zero magnetic signature, insensitivity to EMI / RFI and magnetic fields, low weight, low inertia and narrow profile (≤10 mm).

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