ESA adds our partner DDC as an Approved Source for Rad Hard EEPROM Memories

Our partner Data Device Corporation (DDC) has announced that 1Mb (128k x 8) QML-V Rad Hard EEPROM Memories (SMD # 5962-38267 – 28C010T and 28C011T) have been added to the Agency Approved Parts List European Space (ESA) (EPPL, issue 39)

DDC’s EEPROM memories are designed to ensure high reliability in the most critical space missions and are characterized by a radiation tolerance greater than 100 krad (Si). DDC’s EEPROM memories have different options regarding voltage (3.3V and 5V), density (1Mb to 20Mb) and access speed (up to 120ns). DDC offers a wide range of Rad-Hard products including EEPROM, PROM, SRAM, SDRAM, NOR and NAND flash. DDC’s memory and single board computers have been qualified by NASA, ESA and JAXA, and have been used for decades on thousands of missions serving the space community.

  • High Reliability
  • QML-V approved ceramic hermetic package
  • Total dose hardness> 100 krad (Si)
  • SEL & SEFI immune
  • TRL-9 (flight heritage)
  • 10 year data retention guarantee
  • Long Life Cycle Support
  • Configuration control maintaining full traceability and quality control for the long life cycles of space and military programs
  • Uninterrupted product availability… EEPROM supported for decades
  • Non-ITAR