Block Upconverters, Low Noise Block Down Converters and Low Noise Amplifiers 

If you need BUCs, LNBs or LNAs for satellite communication, Milexia has the solution for you. We offer a wide range of products in C, X, Ku, DBS, Ka and Q-Band with different power levels and noise figure options. Whether you need high performance, reliability or cost-effectiveness, we have the right product for your application.

Product spotlight RevGo - Ku-Band 200W/250W BUC

The new 200W/250W GaN BUC from REVGO is perfect for 400W TWT replacement. It features a compact and rugged design, low power consumption, and excellent phase noise performance and operates in the full Ku-band frequency range, has internal 10MHz reference, can be controlled via the Holkirk AIM ACU and supports various modulation schemes and data rates. It can be easily integrated into existing or new systems.

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Innovation & Design

Take advantage of our expert product knowledge, extensive experience and practical know-how; we will use our innovation and design skills to make access to technology easier.

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