Globes Elektronik is now a proud part of the Milexia Group – one of the fastest- growing value – added distributors in the world

In this article, featured in hf-praxis, we discuss the future vision for Milexia Group from our CEO Xavier Gaillard.

When the electronic component and semiconductor product supply crisis hit the world, labour shortages, unprecedented demand and lack of supplier capacity look set to rock the industry. However, global value-added distributors Milexia Group knew that they still had the capacity to provide the best solutions to their customers.

With an outstanding technical and professional support team, decades of global experience, streamlined processes and an optimal customer-supplier ecosystem, they knew that they could continue to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Everything we did was so precise. This meant that we could continue to provide the best advice to our customers so they could benefit from the best possible sourcing strategy,” said Xavier Gaillard, Milexia Group CEO in a recent interview. “When we realised that the German company, Globes Elektronik had the same organisational DNA – they focused on putting the customer first – we knew that joining forces would be a win-win situation for us both.”

A partnership that can offer their customers even more.

Founded in Germany in 1995, Globes Elektronik provides outstanding RF, microwave, and electronic solutions to their customers across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and even further afield, drawing on their international network of trusted suppliers.

Like Milexia, they are an innovative and future-focused organisation, keen to enhance what their local and global customers could access by offering a more diverse portfolio, specialised products, and unique solutions without compromising on their values putting the customer first.

Globes is a company like Milexia,” added Xavier, “so we understand they must continue to be dynamic in business, despite a difficult economic environment with a tight supply of electronic components.

 Combined with their solid acquisition strategy within the group’s core countries, Milexia Group has developed a strong position in the market.

Milexia Group is one of the fastest-growing value-added distributors

With sales of 140 million euros and more than 200 employees across five European countries, Milexia helps their customers make informed decisions about electronic components and sub-assemblies used in industries such as defence, space, transportation, scientific instrumentation, and satellite communications.

As a European leader in the hi-tech industry, the Milexia Group helps its customers achieve better outcomes and provides them with easier access to innovative solutions to meet increasingly difficult and complex technological requirements.

 “We’re a value-added distributor who primarily offers technological advice to our customers. This advice is based on in-depth knowledge of the markets, their applications, and an in-depth look at what our Partners and suppliers have to offer,” said Xavier.

“We’re also one of the only distributors with added-value presence in major European countries like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Thanks to the extensive product offering of our Partners and the skills of our employees, we have expanded our historical presence in the defence, space, transport, and scientific instrumentation markets into telecommunications and medical. These are very buoyant markets which will grow by between 5 and 15% over the next five years.”

Milexia’s teams are also true experts in the field of electronics, having been trained by its Partners to deliver tailored support throughout the customer’s project cycle.

How Milexia chooses its Partners

Since Milexia is a trusted value-added global distributor with a focus on their customers, it chooses its Partners carefully based on their values, innovation, product range and how much importance it places on exceeding customers’ expectations.

This means they can provide the professional and technical knowledge and support that customers need throughout their purchase experience, optimise innovation, and design and build bespoke solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their customers.

Tackling the semiconductor supply crisis

With a proven track record throughout the semiconductor supply crisis, Milexia and Globes Elektronik can source the ideal component at the right time, for the right price.

Investing in strong relationships with top class selected Partners within the supply chain has meant that they are better placed than ever before to meet the needs of their customers.

Milexia intends to leverage several additional factors to meet its ambitious growth plans so it can maintain its competitive edge and serve customers and Partners better. They aim to do this with a combination of internal and external goals.

  • Internal: To expand its product range while continuing to provide customers access to local products, supported by specialists with high levels of skills and experience.
  • External: Six major acquisitions have occurred in its core countries over the last five years including Globes Elektronik and the recent Composants Électroniques Lyonnais.

Always one step ahead, this is also a means that Milexia can position itself in new services, in particular obsolescence management, prototyping, testing and validation,” says Xavier, “We recognise the importance of these services in tackling the technology challenges of the twenty-first century.

Milexia has been active in the cutting-edge technology market for 30 years, serving over 2300 customers. This drive and determination mean that the Milexia Group is set to exceed market demands and customer expectations for many years to come.

As seen in September issue of hf-praxis, printed in German on page 44-45