Our commitment to innovation has led us to design a Panel PC to specifications, specially adapted to the needs of a customer specialising in marine radar applications. 

This product combines industry-leading performance with a robust design, meeting the most stringent industry requirements.

Exceptional technical characteristics:

Our custom Panel PC stands out for its leading technical features, designed to exceed the expectations of our customers in the maritime sector. Here are some of its notable specifications:

  1. IP65 design:
    • Ensuring total sealing against dust and water splashes, this Panel PC is ready to face the most difficult marine conditions.
  2. 15-inch Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen:
    • Featuring a high-quality touchscreen, it offers a user-friendly and responsive interface, facilitating interaction in demanding environments.
  3. Fanless design:
    • Thanks to its fanless design, this Panel PC guarantees quiet operation and efficient heat dissipation, ensuring increased reliability.
  4. Motherboard with 13th generation processor :
    • Powered by a latest generation processor, it offers exceptional computing performance, ensuring rapid execution of complex radar applications.
  5. D38999 Hardened Connectors:
    • Rugged connectors ensure reliable connectivity in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance.
  6. Switches and LED indicators on the front panel :
    • Facilitating monitoring and control, front panel switches and LED indicators provide an intuitive interface for crucial operations.
  7. Epoxy Marine Paint:
    • Epoxy marine paint provides additional protection against corrosion, extending service life even in aggressive marine environments.
  8. Customer card integration:
    • We offer maximum flexibility by allowing the integration of the customer’s card, guaranteeing a personalized solution meeting the specific needs of each customer.

This panel PC embodies our commitment to innovation, quality and performance. Designed with exceptional features and unmatched robustness, this product offers a reliable solution for the unique challenges of the maritime industry. At Milexia, we are proud to contribute to technological advancement in the maritime field, offering our customers solutions that make a difference.