Milexia Ibérica is proud to supply Quorum products for EM sample preparation on qualifying Hitachi Hi-Tech purchases

Milexia is pleased to announce the distribution of a new product line, thanks to the agreement reached with Quorum Technologies, a leading manufacturer of products for EM sample preparation on qualifying purchases from Hitachi Hi-Tech.

Quorum has a portfolio of products such as:

  • Cryo Preparation System
  • Glow discharge for TEM grid preparation
  • Cryo for SEM and Cryo for FIB-SEM
  • Sputter coaters and Carbon Evaporators
  • Critical Point Dryers (CPD)
  • QPlus Series produces reliable and reproducible coatings of a variety of materials
  • And more…

In this way Milexia Ibérica expands and strengthens its presence in the Scientific Instrumentation market with specialised products for electron microscopy. It also offers excellent customer service, local technical and after-sales support, full warranty and spare parts.